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“All citizens must place the common good before the private good.”

“All things are transient here below and frail. Death only standeth fast for evermore.”

“An ox or horse that pulls a cart along can never reach the ever turning wheels.”

“Avoid, however, as you would Scylla or Charybdis, the imputation of hypocrisy; guard against all ostentation, either in your conduct or your discourse; affect not austerity, nor even appear too serious.”

“Desire matched what nature's will decreed: It did not spurn but relished what it had.”

“Endeavour to alleviate the burthen of your early dignity by the regularity of your life and by your perseverance in those studies which are suitable to your profession.”

“Endeavour to live with regularity, and gradually to bring your expenses within those bounds which in a new establishment cannot perhaps be expected.”

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“How beautiful is youth.
That one escapes however.
Whoever wants to be happy, be it;
There is no certainty of tomorrow.”

“I vanquish all who wrestle man to man.”

“I wish that death had spared me until your library had been complete.”

“If you knew how hard it is to obtain perfection in any wart, you would overlook shortcomings.”

“It is advisable to play and spend good times.”

“On your first visit to Rome, it will however be more advisable for you to listen to others than to speak much yourself.”

“Rome, that sink of all iniquity.”

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“The beast is swifter, always keeps the lead, while he, who's eaten by longing, raves.”

“The more she is denied to him, the more desire inflames and stings his smitten heart.”

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“If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.”

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“To difficulties you ought to oppose yourself with the greater firmness, as there is at present less virtue amongst your brethren.”

“Too much knowing is misery.”

“What I have dreamed in an hour is worth more than what you have done in four.”

“Where sovereign beauty joins with cruel disdain there lodges living death – but I take comfort: some day your beauty will begin to wane.”

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“To the unfortunate, when it is possible, make up for it; since it can't be remedied, at least let it go out of steam and hurt with a friend to lessen the passion.”