Louis Kahn Quotes

Who is Louis Kahn?

Louis Isadore Kahn was an American architect born as Itze-Leib Schmuilowsky.

Born March 05, 1901
Died March 17, 1974

Best Quotes by Louis Kahn

“Architecture appears for the first time when the sunlight hits a wall.
The sunlight did not know what it was before it hit a wall.”

“Architecture is what nature cannot make. Architecture is something unnatural but not something made up.”

“Even a brick wants to be something. A brick wants to be something.
It aspires. Even a common, ordinary brick wants to be something more than it is. It wants to be something better than it is.”

“Questions permeate every aspect of our world and our life. Life is all about questions. If you stop asking, you stop living.”

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