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Quotes by Louis Komjathy on The Cite Site Dr. Louis Komjathy is an American independent scholar-educator and translator. He focuses on religious and ancient texts and studies Taoism and immortality.

Born January 1, 1971
Age 52 years old

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Handbooks for Daoist Practice Quotes

“Daoism (Taoism) is a Chinese religious tradition in the process of being transmitted and adapted to a global context. On the most basic level, Daoism refers to an indigenous Chinese religious tradition in which reverence for and veneration of the Dao (Tao), translatable as both the Way and a way, is a matter of ultimate concern.”

Handbooks for Daoist Practice

“In contrast to adherents of other Chinese religious and cultural traditions, Daoists (Taoists) understand the Dao as Source of all that is, unnamable mystery, all-pervading numinosity, and the cosmological process which is the universe.

The Dao is impersonal and simultaneously immanent and transcendent.”

Handbooks for Daoist Practice

“Inward Training advocates a diverse training regimen, which includes dietetics, conservation, psychophysiological refinement, expansions of consciousness, and mystical unification.”

Handbooks for Daoist Practice

“The identity of Daoists derives from their being and presence. One is a Daoist based on the extent to which one is aligned with and embodies the Dao in its multi-layered numinosity.

One is a Daoist based on the extent to which one embodies Daoist principles and follows a Daoist way of life.”

Handbooks for Daoist Practice

“Wisdom is more than knowledge. On one level, wisdom is knowledge that is engaged with and refined by the actuality of living and experiencing.

It has been clarified by one’s own life experiences. More than this, wisdom involves insight; it involves one’s 'awakened nature'.”

Handbooks for Daoist Practice

Introducing Contemplative Studies Quotes

“The transformative potential of Contemplative Studies does not end with or culminate in individual personhood. It may (should?) be expressed in ecological and sociopolitical activity, as 'contemplative‐being-in‐the‐world'.”

Introducing Contemplative Studies

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