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Best 30 Quotes by Louise Kaufmann

“Although time slips
through fingers like sand,
grains of memories will
stick to your hand.”

“And when you
fall in love with your
existence rather than your
appearances, you become
the main character in
your own story.”

nothing is stronger
than a broken heart
– beating, despite
the pain.”

“Dear January,
you are a blank canvas,
and I am the painter.
Let's create art.”

“I have a
terrible habit
of giving an ocean
someone asks
for a single drop.”

“If only I could,
I would absorb your pain
and return it to you
as love.”

“If you care too much
about keeping others warm,
you'll end up burning
yourself out.”

“In a bittersweet melancholy,
autumn shows the beauty of
release; we must dare to let go,
to create space for new leaves.”

“Like similar poles,
we keep pushing
each other away,
every time we get
too close.”

“Live and exist aren't synomyms;
you must exist in order to live,
but you don't have to live
in order to exist.”

“Look at you,
wearing your scars
like the finest

“Never assume that loud is strong
and quiet is weak. Without making
a sound, a candle flame can burn
a whole forest down.”

“People come and go. That's part of life. But,
you don't have to welcome them back in
with a smile, if they knock on your door.
Your heart is a home. Not a hotel.”

“Plants die
when watered too much,
and I
never learned
when to stop giving.”

“Some goodbyes
bring you relief
like an exhale,
after holding your breath
for too long.”

it takes years before you
understand that every breaking
has been the making of a
stronger you.”

you must be
your own anchor,
to keep yourself
from getting
lost at sea.”

“The most beautiful thing
about being
completely broken
is to uncover
all the incredible ways
your pieces can fit

“The way you rise
from your ruins,
even the phoenix is jealous.”

“This time,
I will give my heart to the one
who needs it the most.

I will give it to myself.

“You smile,
and I swear,
flowers confuse you
for the sun.”

“You're blooming
from within.
That's why
you cannot see
your sprouting,

“Your atoms
my atoms
could make
a perfect

“Your life is like a book,
waiting to be written. And if
you want to be the author, you
must learn when to close

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“Anchors give us roots. They remind us of our goals—who we are. They give us something we can hold on to, when we feel overwhelmed. Something we can use to return back to the shores of presence, when the storms of life make us drift out to sea.

Don’t be afraid to be your own anchor. You’re allowed to be your own safe place.”

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“Beauty like 𝓎ℴ𝓊
is not born.
it is earned and shaped
from the fragments
of your triumphs
and your tragedies,
through hurt
and hope,
to create the wonder
that you are.”

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“I know I can’t fix anything, but I can be a comforting presence to you, if you let me in.”

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“No one knows you better than you know yourself.”

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“Sometimes, two souls want to be with each other, but they can’t. The world is simply not ready for a story like theirs.”

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“There’s a difference between living and existing.

Existing is an easy trap to fall into — it’s being here physically, but only doing what's needed to survive.

Living, on the other hand, is all about enjoyment — embracing every moment as it comes, and choosing to live a fulfilling life.

Make sure you don’t forget to live!”

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“You shouldn't lose sleep over somebody any more than they should lose sleep over you. But you do, we all do. And we call this love.”

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