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Who is Ludwig Wittgenstein?

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher. Wittgenstein is known for working with logic and the philosophy of mathematics.

Born April 26, 1889
Died April 29, 1951

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Best 11 Quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein

“If by eternity is understood not endless temporal duration but timelessness, then he lives eternally who lives in the present.”

“Speaker and listener understand each other not because they have the same knowledge about something, and not because they have established a likeness of mind, but because they know "how to go on" with each other.”

“A man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.”

“A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.”

“I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.”

“Not how the world is, but that it is, is the mystery.”

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.”

“The real question of life after death isn't whether or not it exists, but even if it does what problem this really solves.”

“When we can't think for ourselves, we can always quote.”

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”

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