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Best 21 Other Quotes by Luke Belmar

“Abundance mindset is key. Nothing big was ever accomplished by thinking small.”

“Become so good you become undeniable.”

“Broke is a condition of the mind not the pocket. Fix your mind the rest will take care of itself.”

“I define success as the persistent pursuit of your fullest potential.”

“If it won’t matter in 5 years don’t let it take an emotional toll now. Be in control.”

“If they don’t pay your bills then their opinion does not matter.”

“If you think the government loves you and cares for you then I have another booster to sell you right away.”

“Imagine looking in the mirror and you see the richest, most shredded, and successful version of yourself that could ever exist.

Just imagine how that would feel for a second… the power. the access. the network. the life. the freedom.

What if…”

“Life is a game.

Do you know the cheat codes?”

“Misery loves company.

Don’t spend time or associate with those trying to bring you down.”

“Never do business with a brokie.”

“Only idiots remain the same.”

“Smart people ask good questions.”

“The beauty of life is that everyone has the chance to change.”

“There are many ways to the top of the mountain.”

“They call you lucky because they don’t know what you know.”

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“Winners work. Losers complain.”

“With or without you. Life goes on.”

“You hate the player because you don’t understand the game.”

“You must pay the price of success.”

“Your success is a product of your daily habits.”