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“Often you only realize something wasn’t worth starting when you’re nearly finished doing it.”

“People are not computers.

As logical as you may think you are, we make decisions based on emotions rather than logic.”

“People often prefer an external shortcut over an internal process.”

“People rely on their willpower but ignore the power of their daily habits.”

“Play the game of life instead of a gaming life.”

“Politicians should imagine there are elections coming next week before making drastic decisions.”

“Producing > Consuming”

“Save the best, skip the rest.”

“Stop living your life as if time were unlimited.”

“Stop wasting time on things that don’t push you forward.”

“The best time for a man to get into a long term relationship is when he found his life purpose and is sure letting a woman into his life won’t ruin his path to financial independence.”

“The easy way is the wrong way.”

“The purpose of school is twofold:

- To mold you into a worker bee.
- To provide cheap child care so both your parents can work, and hence consume more since their income increases.”

“There's no excuse for making excuses.”

“There’s more to life than just working until you die.”

“Time, energy and money are the most important resources you have. They are not equal, so use them efficiently.

- Time: Refilled every day but tomorrow isn't guaranteed.
- Energy: Replenished by healthy nutrition and a good night's sleep.
- Money: There's no ceiling to this but spend less than you earn.”

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“The best marketing strategy is to build a great product.”

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“What’s holding you back from becoming the happiest/coolest/fittest/wealthiest person you know?”

“When you feel like you're having a bad day, remember you're lucky you even have another day.

There are plenty of people who ran out of days to live a long time ago.”

“When you say what no one else dares to say, you'll earn the respect that no one else seems to get.”

“Work is fun. Having a job sucks.”

“You are what you consume.

- Eat junk food and get fat.
- Read gossip magazines and get stupid.
- Binge Netflix every day and get numb.

Control your input to affect your output.”

“Your success with women is comparable with making money.

In both cases your abundance depends on the value you bring to the table, how hard it is to replace you and how good your negotiation skills are.”

“Your time is the worst product to sell. Nobody will pay you the correct value.”

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“A woman is attracted to the feelings she gets when she’s with you. She falls in love with the thoughts she has about you. But she’ll never love you if she knows the real you.”

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“A woman is more likely to die from a lack of attention than from a lack of oxygen.”

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“Chase excellence, not women.”

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“Don't bore her with your problems. Bone her to make her forget hers.”

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“Don’t believe everything you read. Including this.”

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“Don’t limit yourself.

Others will try to do this for you anyway.”

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“Focus on making your clients feel better.

People buy with their emotions, not with logic.”

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“Optimists thrive but pessimists survive.”

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