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Best Esoteric Wisdom for Modern Living Quote by Manly P. Hall

Esoteric Wisdom for Modern Living Quotes

“The esoteric system is all based upon the ultimate motive. Ultimate motive is the service of truth itself, a complete dedication to the service of the realities of existence.”

Esoteric Wisdom for Modern Living

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“After an emissio nocturna eighteen days from the start, I built a small electric contact ring to wear at night. In the event of an ulepe (ulepe erectio) it caused a small buzzer to awaken me.

Thanks to the instrument, my experiments went forward with entire success for a period of nearly four months. The results were quickly evident.

Sex soon took on a 'Springtime' glow. The girl students with whom I associated daily, became laughably glamorous. I noted with chuckles how they ascended their thrones and became white, mysterious and almost holy before my sex-stimulated senses.”

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