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The Illumined Mind Quotes

“The ability to feel 'with' rather than 'for' is the essential difference between consciousness and emotion. When we feel for things we are emotionally moved. Pity, sympathy, and kindred feelings stir us, and yet they seldom give any definite impulse that is of value in the adjustment of any chain of circumstances.

When we feel with things we are so much a part of them that we understand the innermost elements of their being. Thus understanding comes with consciousness, and knowledge with intellectual comprehension.

According to the ancient doctrines, perfect consciousness — the ability to feel with everything as part of everything — was regarded as the ultimate state of so-called human unfoldment, and he who had achieved this had attained to godhood in his own right. The gods are simply emblematic of varying degrees of consciousness in that vast interval between ignorance and realization.”

The Illumined Mind

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“In her gospel, Mary has Jesus use the image of the (re-)building of a temple, when he speaks about his future resurrection.

There are several clues that the temple of Solomon was not a physical building; among others the remarkable fact that during the building no sounds of tools were heard.

The temple was built in seven years, a reference to the seven chakras. For the interior, Hiram was enlisted.”

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