Margaret Cavendish Quotes

Best 15 Quotes by Margaret Cavendish

“Everyone's conscience in religion is between God and themselves, and it belongs to none other.”

“For pleasure, delight, peace and felicity live in method and temperance.”

“Marriage is the grave or tomb of wit.”

“Prosperity is like perfume, it often makes the head ache.”

“Some brains are barren grounds, that will not bring seed or fruit forth, unless they are well manured with the old wit which is raked from other writers and speakers.”

“The truth is, we women live like bats, or owls, labor like beasts, and die like worms.”

“Thoughts are like stars in the firmament; some are fixed, others like the wandering planets, others again are only like meteors. Understanding is like the Sun, which gives light to all the thoughts. Memory is like the Moon, it hath its new, its full and its wane.”

“Women's Tongues are as sharp as two-edged Swords, and wound as much, when they are anger'd.”

Duchess of Newcastle Quotes

“There is little difference between man and beast, but what ambition and glory makes.”

Duchess of Newcastle

Sociable Letters Quotes

“I think a bad husband is far worse than no husband.”

Sociable Letters

“One may be my very good friend, and yet not of my opinion.”

Sociable Letters

This Blazing World Quotes

“A judge, replied the Empress, is easy to be had, but to get an impartial judge, is a thing so difficult.”

This Blazing World

“By which we may see, that novelty discomposes the mind, but acquaintance settles it in peace and tranquillity.”

This Blazing World

“Fear and wonder makes gods.”

This Blazing World

“I had rather die in the adventure of noble achievements than live in obscure and sluggish security.”

This Blazing World

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