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Best 28 Quotes by Margot Robbie

“A movie shoots six months for two hours of film.”

“All your mannerisms change easily when you have inch-long acrylic nails.”

“As much as I'd only like to concentrate on the creative side of acting, the whole business in general is just that – a business – and you have to do your homework if you want to be successful.”

“Certainly there's a huge appeal to the '60s, because it was such a big turning point to everyone. It was the era of change, the boiling point. People rebelled against things – the hippies, the feminists, the protesters. All these things just built up and boiled over. I think people can relate to that today.”

“Chemistry is so important and so unpredictable. Sometimes you get in a room with someone where aesthetically you make perfect sense as a couple, and then you read, and you're both kind of sitting there like, 'This isn't working for some strange reason; it just doesn't really pop'.”

“Even I admit I may have peaked too soon.”

“Every time I see a piano, I have this urge to play it.”

“Everyone's like, 'overnight sensation'. It's not overnight. It's years of hard work.”

“Everything happens for a reason, is something that we have to tell ourselves all the time, because it's good to have the idea that something good is around the corner.”

“I became an actor so I can show you characters and never have to show you me.”

“I have an irrational fear that I'm going to have a gruesome and untimely death because so many wonderful things are happening to me.”

“I just try to keep healthy more so than trying to be thin.”

“I kind of feel like every time I do a film, it is me and an entire male ensemble cast.”

“I kind of like pony tails, beards, maybe a tattoo. My massive obsession – I'm really targeting a niche market here – a hair lip.”

“I know that my look is more 'toothpaste model' as opposed to artsy, which sucks because I can play those roles.”

“I love flying so much. I even like airplane food. No one bothers you and your phone never goes off and you can't have emails go through. It's undisturbed.”

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“My job is to express myself.”

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“I made a conscious decision not to date actors.”

“I now know how to steal a watch when someone's wearing it. It's an excellent talent to have.”

“I won't take parts where the female character has no substance.”

“I'm a bit of a tomboy.”

“If someone's gonna pick between me and Emma Stone, they're gonna pick Emma Stone.”

“If there aren't roles you want to play, then you've kind of got to create them.”

“Someone told me that you could learn to sing, and that there are muscles that if you build, you will sing.”

“That's precisely what we do as actors: try to convince the audience we are somebody else. And if you can do that, you are really doing something.”

“There are things in life that don't come to me naturally, and social media and the Internet and all those things are some of them, somewhere between taxes and cooking!”

“There are those who build careers and companies just out of being popular on Instagram, but theres nothing behind them.”

“There's nothing I dislike more than being in a photo shoot where they say, 'Be yourself.' That's not why I became an actress. That's what I find so funny: that you become an actor, and all of a sudden, everyone wants to know about you. But I didn't become an actor so I could show you me.”

“You should have seen me at 14, with braces and glasses, gangly and doing ballet!”

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“Nobody knows what you have in you until you've done it, so I just keep pushing those boundaries, and I figure it will all come out in the wash.”

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