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“A good company is not always a good stock.”

“A stock trading strategy is like a marriage; if you're not faithful, you probably won't have a good outcome.”

“Always include in your thinking that whatever you're seeing in the marketplace is also visible to everyone else.”

“As long as the price holds above my stop loss, I try to give the stock some room.”

“Before I enter a stock position, the first thing I do is decide where I’m going to cut my loss. As the stock moves up, my priority changes to protecting my breakeven price. If I’m fortunate to have a decent gain, my priority shifts to protecting my profit.”

“By keeping your losses small, you preserve your hard earned capital for future investments.”

“Chart patterns are not the cause; they're the effect. Human behavior hasn't changed and isn't likely to change much in the future.”

“Don't force trades - wait for proper stocks setups. How long? As long as it takes!”

“Every major correction begins as a minor reaction. You can't tell when a 10% decline is the beginning of a 50% decline until after the fact, when it's too late.”

“Good companies can be terrible stock investments if they are bought at the wrong time.”

“How low can it go? To zero!”

“If analyzing balance sheets were the Holy Grail for stock investing, accountants would be the world's greatest traders.”

“If you can't learn to accept small losses, sooner or later you will take big losses.”

“If you can't manage risk you will never perform really well over time; superperformance will at best, be a hit or miss affair.”

“In time, there will always be a trade that meets your criteria and delivers easy dollars... and over time there will always be fools that rush and lay the groundwork for such opportunities.”

“It doesn't really matter what you think about a stock. What matters is what big institutions think, because they are the ones that can move a stock price dramatically.”

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“History does in a vague way repeat itself, but it does it slowly and ponderously, and with an infinite number of surprising variations.”

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“It's more important to make money than it is to be right.”

“Never add to losers.”

“Never let a loss grow larger than your average gain.”

“No one will ever be so good that he or she will never take a loss. Being wrong is unavoidable, but staying wrong is a choice.”

“No stock can be held forever.”

“Only buy in the direction of the trade.”

“Only get aggressive when trades are working well; scale back when they're not.”

“Practice does not make perfect. Practice only makes habitual.”

“The market can and will break anyone who ignores the risks and dangers.”

“The stock market is no place for someone who is easily discouraged by mistakes.”

“When a stock you have bought falls below your purchase price, it is telling you have made an error – at a minimum in timing.”

Think & Trade Like a Champion Quotes

“As a stock trader, when you strip off what feels natural and learn to do what feels unnatural, you become supernatural.”

Think & Trade Like a Champion

“During a difficult trading environment your gains will be smaller and less frequent than during a healthy market. When this occurs, remember three words (with a nod to Nike): “Adjust” Do It! Always think risk in relation to reward. You must adjust your risk as a function of potential reward.”

Think & Trade Like a Champion

“Expectancy is your percentage of winning trades multiplied by your average gain, divided by your percentage of losing trades multiplied by your average loss. Maintain a positive expectancy, and you’re a winner. My results went from average to stellar when I finally made the choice that I was going to make every trade an intelligent risk/reward decision.”

Think & Trade Like a Champion

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“n 1967 I got this bright idea to invent an ice skate that doesn’t need ice. I decided not to patent it because I worried it would be too dangerous for kids to use and too costly to produce. Someone else had the same idea and followed through. This invention, which you’ve no doubt heard of, is called Rollerblades.”

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