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“Anarchy doesn't mean 'without rules' but 'without rulers'; 'without masters'.”

“If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.”

“Intellect is not intelligence.”

“Order-following is the pathway to every form of evil and chaos in our world. It should never be seen as a 'virtue' by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being.

Order-followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the earth.”

“That which is above is like to that which is below. That which is below is like to that which is above.

The Macrocosm (the very large; the totality) and the Microcosm (the very small; the individual units which comprise the whole) are reflections of each other.”

“The order-follower always bears more moral culpability than the order-giver, because the order-follower is the one who actually performed the action, and in taking such action, actually brought the resultant harm into physical manifestation.”

“The universe is holographic; it is self-similar across all scales.”

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“There are people who think they can dance out of slavery. “I’m going to do escapist drugs and hop from one party or festival to another. I will dance my out of the harsh realities of Planet Earth.”

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“Meditate, oft. Separate thyself for a season from the cares of the world. Get close to nature and learn from the lowliest of that which manifests in nature, in the earth; in the birds, in the trees, in the grass, in the flowers, in the bees; that the life of each is a manifesting, is a song of glory to its Maker. And do thou likewise!”

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