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“How to tame sex without destroying love, how to tame avarice without destroying creativity, and how to tame violence without destroying courage.”

Cupid's Poisoned Arrow

“If org*sm was the magic bullet, p*rn addicts would be the healthiest people on the planet.”

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“If psychological well-being is linked with having deep intimate contacts, being a valued member of an enduring social group, and being enmeshed in a network of extended kin, then the conditions of modern living seem designed to interfere with human happiness.”

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“In successful Karezza the sex-organs become quiet, satisfied, demagnetized, as perfectly as by the org*sm, while the rest of the body of each partner glows with a wonderful vigor and conscious joy.”

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“Just ten minutes of warm, supportive touching between couples who live together causes a marked increase in oxytocin in the blood. The more supportive those couples, the higher their blood levels of oxytocin.

Massage and other supportive and caring touch lower stress hormones and blood pressure, particularly among young married men, while also releasing oxytocin.”

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“Notice that supportive touch alone makes the difference. 'Talking about it' may be of limited use when a mate is anxious or irritable.

Talking uses the rational brain, while holding your partner instead—preferably in silence — soothes the 'problem child' itself, the amygdala. (Guys will appreciate the 'in silence' part.)

The time to talk will come later when perspective is restored.”

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“Our genes’ primary goal is not necessarily harmony between mates, but rather greater success for themselves.”

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“Remember those cocaine addicts whose dopamine receptors (the tiny hands that grab neurochemicals) decreased after repeated drug use? Cocaine blasts the reward circuitry so that it pumps out massive amounts of exciting dopamine. This accounts for the high.

Then two things happen simultaneously. First, the high begins to fade as the brain disposes of the extra dopamine. Second, because so much excess dopamine can damage or kill nerve cells, the cells protect themselves by reducing the number of dopamine receptors (little 'hands') on their surfaces.

If a thunderstorm rolls in, you close all the windows and wait for it to pass. That’s what the cells do, except they assume that another storm is on the way, and stay closed up for a while.

The addict has lowered her sensitivity to dopamine — a substance that helped give her the high. Now our addict feels rotten.

She has two choices: Take more cocaine to jack up her mood artificially by saturating the remaining dopamine receptors, or suffer withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms arise when the reward circuitry is starving for dopamine.

Whether you have too few receptors for dopamine, or too little dopamine circulating around the nerve cells, you get the same result. Your reward circuitry batteries are low, leaving you with an acute desire to feel normal again.”

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“The dramatic power of dopamine to interfere with free will and create sexual (and other) compulsions became clear when patients took drugs that imitate dopamine.

For example, a Frenchman who took such a drug to control Parkinson’s symptoms recovered a large settlement from a pharmaceutical company after the medication temporarily gave him compulsive homosexual urges. He was straight when not on the meds.

Another Parkinson’s patient suddenly found himself cross-dressing after seventy years of uneventful heterosexuality. When doctors decreased his dosage of the dopamine-like drug, the urge to put on his deceased wife’s clothing evaporated.”

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“Treat others as compassionately as you want to be treated. Keep in mind that needy, demanding behaviors often arise from a healthy, natural longing for the deep connections upon which humanity is designed to thrive.”

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“Wife: Why don’t you tell me that you love me?
Husband: I told you I loved you thirty years ago when I married you. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.”

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“Men need to remember that when women seem upset and talk about problems is not the time to offer solutions; instead she needs to be heard, and gradually she will feel better on her own.”

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