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Best 15 Quotes by Mastin Kipp

“Be like Forrest Gump and just say "OK” to whatever life is serving you with right now. Say “OK” and then take the action to do what you love with baby steps.”

“Be willing to live a few years how most people won’t, so that you can live the rest of your life how most people can’t.”

“Don't see haters as a reason to give up; instead see them as a sign that you are starting to become successful.”

“I've always said it's important to take advice from people who have what you want because otherwise, people are just guessing.”

“If you want it, become it.”

“Instead of Why did this happen to me? I learned to ask, What am I learning right now?”

“Know that all the limiting beliefs from your family, your friends, your fears and the world will begin to come up once you start to take action. Move through them. This part of the process is where we begin to grow as individuals into who we were meant to be by challenging all of these limiting beliefs and fears.”

“Living on purpose is a lifestyle, a way of being and a lifelong spiritual practice that will refine your soul. This isn't a 10-day or 30-day plan. This is a lifelong adventure!”

“Step into giving. Purpose is about cultivating something within you and then giving it away to other people.”

“Stop gathering information about how to begin and start gaining experience about what beginning feels like.”

“Success is what happens to you when and if you survive all your mistakes.”

“The key to success is to not take rejection personally, to know that having faith counts the most when we feel scared the most, that a delay is not a denial and that persistence above all else will prove to be a powerful ally. Oh - and most importantly - do what you love.”

“The people who live the life of their dreams take risks. And on top of that, they persist. And on top of that, they trust themselves. And on top of that, they don't let circumstances hold them back, because they know that they are more powerful than their circumstances.”

“Unless you're in mortal danger, fear is a compass showing you where to go.”

“What is missing from your life? Know that whatever you are missing, you are - most likely - not giving. Bring to your life what you want from it. If you don't think The Uni-verse is helping you, try trusting yourself and taking a risk. Listen to your intuition. Do what scares you... and the see the miracle that awaits.”

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