Matthew Arnold Quotes

Who is Matthew Arnold?

Matthew Arnold was an English poet and cultural critic.

Born December 24, 1822
Died April 15, 1888

Best Quotes by Matthew Arnold

“Truth sits upon the lips of dying men.”

Matthew Arnold

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“The strangest thing about fascism in America today is that American facists are so dumb, they don't even know they're fascists. They don't even know what the word fascism means. They vaguely know that it had something to do with Hitler and the Nazis, but that's it. They have no idea that the first words of the Nazi anthem were 'Germany above all else' which was their version of 'America first'. And the way Nazis demonized jews was no different than the way American fascists demonize liberals. Hitler promised to 'make Germany great again'. And Hitler denounced the newspapers, which exposed him for what he really was, as 'Lügenpresse', which is German for 'fake news'.”

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