Michael Lewis Quotes

Best Quotes by Michael Lewis

Boomerang Quotes

“Everywhere you turn you see people sacrifice their long-term interests for a short-term reward.”


Liar's Poker Quotes

“The men on the trading floor may not have been to school, but they have Ph.D.’s in man’s ignorance.”

Liar's Poker

“Those who know don't tell and those who tell don't know.”

Liar's Poker

Moneyball Quotes

“The pleasure of rooting for Goliath is that you can expect to win. The pleasure of rooting for David is that, while you don’t know what to expect, you stand at least a chance of being inspired.”


The Big Short Quotes

“That was the reason the casino bothered to list the wheel’s most recent spins: to help gamblers to delude themselves.”

The Big Short

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“Those three things - autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort and reward - are, most people will agree, the three qualities that work has to have if it is to be satisfying.”

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