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Neo-Astrology Quotes

“Subsequent results only confirmed and amplified my initial discovery about the physicians. On the whole, it emerged that there was an increasingly solid statistical link between the time of birth of great men and their occupational success.

Having collected over 20,000 dates of birth of professional celebrities from various European countries and from the United States, I had to draw the unavoidable conclusion that the position of the planets at birth is linked to one's destiny. What a challenge to the rational mind!”


The Cosmic Clocks Quotes

“A prestigious astronomical society, the Astronomische Gesellschaft, came out a few years ago with the following verdict:

The belief that the position of the stars at birth influences the future of the newborn, and that one can find advice in private and public matters in the stars, rests on a view of the universe which places the earth and its inhabitants at the hub of the universe.

This conception has been refuted a long time ago. What are today called astrology, cosmology, and so on, are nothing but a mixture of superstition, fakery, and exploitation.”

The Cosmic Clocks

“Every effort made by astrologers to defend their basic postulate, that the movement of the stars can predict destiny, has failed.

Whenever such predictions are examined by impartial scientific committees, the supposed accuracy that astrology claims soon evaporates.

Statistics have disposed of old arguments once and for all: the numbers speak without bias, and they leave no room for doubt. Whoever claims to predict the future by consulting the stars is fooling either himself or someone else.”

The Cosmic Clocks

“Modern astrology, as a predictive method, relies on the survival of a hopelessly outdated view of the world and of life.

It ignores the progress of astronomy and of human biology, as well as all the variables that affect behavior through a lifetime.”

The Cosmic Clocks

The Scientific Basis for Astrology Quotes

“It is now quite certain that the signs in the sky which presided over our births have no power whatever to decide our fates, to affect our hereditary characteristics, or to play any part, however humble, in the totality of effects, random or otherwise, which form the fabric of our lives and mould our impulses to action.”

The Scientific Basis for Astrology

The Truth About Astrology Quotes

“After 30 years of critical consideration of astrology, my passion for it has not diminished. But today I would not allow myself to draw drastic conclusions as I have sometimes done in the past.

I will be content simply to have thrown a little light on this vast mystery which has occupied so many great minds over the centuries.”

The Truth About Astrology

“Though I am so full of my subject, so determined to defend it, so proud of my discoveries, I am still tormented by two feuding demons.

The first is the fear of having been mistaken in asserting that astral influence is real; the second is the agonizing thought of all I have been unable to discover or explain.”

The Truth About Astrology

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“You will not ascend at all, if you eat the carcasses of souls… Period! Case closed.

Don’t be deluded, you will return in cycles of necessity until you learn to respect life and not take it!

And as for all the ego tripping morons with their arguments that plants suffer more than animals when eaten and such, you are f*cking deluded morons and the trauma of eating snuffed sentient beings is twisting your minds to believe all sorts of sh*t that you so wish to believe in.”

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