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“A lot of people are afraid to lie to me.”

“Alchametic magic is 'How do I create something out of nothing purely through manifesting my will through power and light, which is value.' That's white magic. That's alchametic magic.”

“Am I a ranting maniac on Twitter? Yeah, but I'm also a pretty mellow, married guy who's into hiking and walking his dog.”

“Antifa are the left-wing version of Nazis. They are very violent; they are terrible people. They cause a ruckus and property damage.”

“Anything with Soros, I lay low. People kind of just roll their eyes when you bring him up.”

“Backing Trump has been bad for business.”

“Check your testosterone levels. Every study on evolutionary psychology has correlated testosterone levels with dominance.”

“Civil rights cases are hard to win.”

“Democracy doesn't mean I always get my way. It doesn't mean we always get what we want.”

“Everything I do is alchemy. That's why I believe in magic. Not black magic, not the satanic magic that they practice in Hollywood and that the deep state practices and that the media practice. I believe in good magic, light magic, alchametic magic.”

“I believe in strong borders, including keeping out Islamic terrorists. If people think that's inherently racist, fine – but I'm an American nationalist, not a white nationalist.”

“I definitely deserve to be trolled.”

“I didn't have the same biases on Trump that others had. I read his books and saw a man who had a strong mindset, a track record of succeeding, and who would make strong and sometimes offensive comments as a way to get media attention.”

“I have my disagreements with the alt-right, but let’s get a win for the right in America before hashing it all out. The current attitude on the right is to fight with your own side rather than to give leftists hell. Under that model of politics, men are losing due process rights, the suicide of whites is at a record high, and there are several Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil. Until the right wins for once, I have no interest in arguing with the alt-right or disavowing anyone. Once the right has some actual power, then it will be time to have an ideological civil war. Until then, nah.”

“I wouldn't say all journalism is activism, but I would say most journalism is activism.”

“I'm doing real journalism.”

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“Things that give you upfront pleasure typically almost always lead to back-end pain. But things that give you pain upfront typically give you back-end pleasure, whether it's building a business, saving money, going to the gym.”

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“I'm not alt-right.”

“I'm sufficiently complex that there's no one truth about me.”

“If I could push a button and get rid of all these dumb people flying Nazi flags and have them never show up... They are a big problem for the Right.”

“In the jungle, size is king. Women like big men. That's just evolution.”

“Logic is pointless.”

“My first marriage was ruined by feminist indoctrination.”

“My identity is based around being a writer. I can't not write. It's a compulsion.”

“Nobody tells you how to be famous.”

“None of us are good or evil, and that frustrates us because we want to see others as wearing a white hat or black hat. My hat is grey.”

“People bring up tweets that I don't even remember, and my general response is, 'I don't know if I said it. I probably said it.' It's just part of what I do.”

“People want a little excitement. I tell the truth, but I do it theatrically.”

“The blockchain is a distributed network that solves all the problems that we have of finance, but more broadly, it's like a philosophy. It's a way of life.”

“The Harvey Weinstein case showed us that Hollywood is rotten to the core.”

“The media needs to do some soul searching on itself and ask why they continue to spread provably false stories, and stop projecting their own dishonesty onto others.”

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“It’s next to impossible to build a successful business without relationships.”

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