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Mohammad Shakeel is the author of the book 'The Psychology of Laziness'.

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The Psychology of Laziness Quotes

“If you spend too much on your enjoyment today, you may have to sell your essential belongings tomorrow, but if you invest in essential assets today you will surely be able to purchase more than basic amenities tomorrow.”

The Psychology of Laziness

“It doesn't make a difference if you are very talented but do not know how to put that talent into some use.”

The Psychology of Laziness

“It doesn't matter how talented you are, what matters is how persistent you are.”

The Psychology of Laziness

“Most people spend most of the year just thinking, some of it is wasted in laziness and lack of energy, and hardly for 2-3 months they are truly active and productive with all their might.”

The Psychology of Laziness

“You develop the habit of overthinking when you start believing that you are the person who can think your way out of any problem or issue.”

The Psychology of Laziness

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