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“A genius is born whenever he proves many facts wrong.”

“A genius is someone who sees the big picture of everything presented before them—They can predict how it’s going to turn out in the end and what steps have to be taken to make it so.”

“A genius separates himself from things which are not useful nor beneficial. While you are eager to try new technologies—A genius is thinking about how to invent something totally different that will be used by all.”

“A leaf carried away with the stream of water, it can crash along the way, or go on to the darkest parts of the unknown ocean.”

“A musician is similar to someone who wrote a letter to the loved one. Then decided to read read it out loud instead of sending it.”

“A prophet is nothing without a new revelation.”

“A single farmer can feed the whole town, but no one will ever notice his death. Except when they are feeling hungry again. That's the nature and ingratitude of humanity.”

“A society where emotions come last and selfishness is considered blessed, or placed first before anything; cannot be expected to produce good fruits!”

“Actions can easily reveal the truth about the person, but also remember not to ignore the words.”

“Adaptiveness is the shortest road to happiness. Get used to everything around you.”

“Adulthood is within the mind and not in age.”

“After reading between the lines, I can secretly hear Socrates screaming: I'm the wisest man to ever live in the world. Anyone who will claim that title after me he's fake!”

“After taking a while to meditate upon the motto of our generation. I came to the ultimate conclusion that our minds are mainly focused on wealth and health.”

“Aim to finish it today. Because tomorrow may not show up on your calendar.”

“All the holy scriptures are useless without people having faith into their hearts.”

“All the inspirations comes from God. Where did the devil gets his inspiration to disobey the command of his Creator?”

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“Recognize the benefits of conflict. Conflict can actually be a positive force if approached in the right way.

It can lead to new insights, increased understanding, and stronger relationships.”

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“Allow the fruit to fall and rot, in order to receive more.”

“An entrepreneur is the first enemy of capitalism.”

“Anyone who wish to become a genius must seek for the process and not the final product. Forget about the shortcuts and take the longest road. The future and all the prizes shall be yours!”

“As a realist, you must give me the watch and not the time.”

“Asking for advice on important matter, simply means that you don't want to do it in the first place.”

“At the end of the day, it would be wise to turn all of your focus and energy on achieving mental over physical strength.”

“Begin by mastering your emotions, then your mind.”

“By putting your mind into action, you can simply achieve anything that you keep craving for.”

“Change can be made only when you understand the true nature of things and not when you’ve form weird images of them into your head!”

“Change is good only when you know yourself.”

“Children wish, vulgar men hope and real men act immediately after considering all the alternatives.”

“Confidence is similar to luck. You can't hold it forever at your service!”

“Continuous reading is the price that each author must pay.”

“Criticism is directly proportional to success. Therefore, it's almost impossible to wish for success without tasting the former attribute.”

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“You'll surely make speedy progress on your chosen service-path or life-work when you eschew bitterness, anger and envy. Such negative and destructive emotions constrict your channels of blessings and restrict your open doors. Always forgive and move on.”

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