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Myron Gaines is an American investor, author and podcaster born as Amrou Fudl. He is the host of the Fresh&Fit Podcast in Miami and the author of 'Why Women Deserve Less'.

Born September 22, 1987
Age 35 years old

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Fresh & Fit Podcast Quotes

“I asked you guys at the top of the show 'do you care about your man's body count?' All of you pretty much were saying 'no', maybe you might ask some questions but it never disqualified him.

But if I ask guys 'Do you care about a woman's body count?' and it's a certain number, it will absolutely disqualify you.

We're not the same.

So that is why a woman's body count matters.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“Ladies, you're interested in a man's future right? Well men, we're interested in a woman's past. We're different, okay.

You wanna be able to ensure that you're with a winner that's gonna be able to take you to success.

Women look for security in their men. That's why women look for confidence, ambition... They look for traits where a man is able to provide resources and security long term.

Men however, when we look for security in y'all, it's security in making sure the kid is ours.

And a woman that has a promiscuous past might continue that trend in the future and it won't assure paternity from you.

That is why men are very interested in a woman's past versus a woman is interested in a man's future.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“Look for girls that have qualities that make them coachable and then, as the man, be the leader and get those bad habits out of her.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“My fu*king mindset is: I will not lose!”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“When a girl tells you: ‘Hey, let’s raincheck or reschedule’, you simply respond, ‘Hey, that's cool, but I'm not really a fan of flaky girls. If we go out, you're going to pay for drinks or dinner' or whatever plans you guys had.

Because the reality is this, with women, when they give you undesirable behavior, you need to punish it immediately, so she knows it's not acceptable.

If you take her back and take her on a date after she did some BS like that, she's gonna think it's OK. Don't reinforce bad behavior with positive treatment.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“When a woman changes for a man. He gains more respect for her. When a man changes for a woman, he grows into something she's gonna have contempt for. When a woman changes for a man she'll grow into something he'll love.

"That's how I got you in the first place. Why would I change?"

That's the biggest mistake guys make...

They get in a relationship, they get comfortable, they get fat, they lose their ambition'I got her, ... blah blah blah'.

And that woman starts to lose respect for him.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“Women are not built to handle masculine problems.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

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“Women, when you check them, they get turned on. Because by you checking a chick and telling her "Yo, don't talk to me like that." or "Yo, stop acting crazy.", you're asserting dominance over her and you're asserting authority.

And to women that's attractive because for you to do that, you have to be in a place of abundance and you have to think you're better than her to some degree to be able to talk to her like that.

Women, whether they want to admit it or not, they want you to put them in their place any time they act crazy.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

“You wanne be with a guy like me, you gotta be at your f*cking prime.”

Fresh & Fit Podcast

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“Peers are present when your success is apparent. Brothers are present when your success is challenged.⁣

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“Tax evasion is illegal, but tax avoidance is legal.”

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