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“Colocate the creative team, remote everyone else.”

“Contraception destroyed the family as the building block of society.”

“Cool people are considered 'cool' because they break the rules and get away with it.”

“COVID variants should be identified by annual vintage, not by Greek letter.”

“Creativity is the last frontier. Automation over a long enough period of time will replace every non-creative job. That's great news. That means that all of our basic needs are taken of, and what remains for us is to be creative, which is really what every human wants.”

“Criticism without creativity is just pessimism. The honest way to critique is to create the alternative.”

“Crypto is not a subset of finance; finance is a subset of crypto.”

“Crypto is so unique that it’s not possible to reason by analogy to history.”

“Crypto is the smartest people in the world exiting into their own economy.”

“Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want, and I keep that in front of mind. Pick your one overwhelming desire. It's okay to suffer over that one.”

“Develop 'strategic incompetence' - people won't ask you to do things you hate to do, if you're bad at them.”

“Do their work if you have to, but don’t forget to eventually do yours.”

“Don’t do things that you know are morally wrong. Not because someone is watching, but because you are. Self-esteem is just the reputation that you have with yourself. You'll always know.”

“Don’t settle, and don’t struggle. Life is what flows in between.”

“Don’t take your brand down market. Make your customers reach up instead.”

“Drones are eventually going to obsolete every other weapons system.”

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“You get to succeed because if you do enough bad things in a row with the intention of doing a good thing, then eventually you get lucky and a good thing happens.”

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“Earn with your mind, not your time.”

“Eat like a lion, work like a lion, feel like a lion, live like a lion.”

“Education is no substitute for intelligence.”

“Either have children or become a saint, because eventually, you have to find something you love more than you love yourself.”

“Entrepreneurs bleed a little bit every day, but when they win they win big.”

“Everybody wants spirituality, no one wants the truth.”

“Everybody wants to change others. Nobody wants to be changed.”

“Everybody wants to hire the best.
Very few actually pay them like they’re the best.”

“Everything you’re a winner at now in your life, you were a once a loser at.”

“Evolution works by mutation and selection.
Innovation works by trial and error.
Science works by conjecture and criticism.
Free markets work by entrepreneurship and risk.

All truth-seeking systems work roughly the same way.”

“Explanations that explain everything – 'particle collisions', 'chemical imbalance', 'simulation theory' – explain nothing.”

“Fact-checkers are just fake authorities anointed by the media, according to fact-checkers.”

“Fasting focuses the mind - it replaces all desires with a single desire.”

“Fewer desires, but fully filled.”

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“Argue like you’re right and listen like you’re wrong.”

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