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“Flow is always there. You’re just in the way.”

“Followers on social media are like frequent flier miles - great until you try and use them for something.”

“For success, do what you love. For money, use leverage. People love themselves. Products create leverage. Productize yourself.”

“Forty hour workweeks are a relic of the Industrial Age. Knowledge workers function like athletes — train and sprint, then rest and reassess.”

“Founder mentality: If you think like an owner, and you act like an owner, it’s only a matter of time until you become an owner.”

“Free people make free choices. Free choices mean you get unequal outcomes. You can have freedom, or you can have equal outcomes. You can’t have both.”

“Get paid for doing what only you can uniquely do.”

“Get what you want. Don’t want what you can’t.”

“Give the world what it needs, and it will give you what you want.”

“Good advice is embodied.”

“Good books are worth re-reading.”

“Good investors don’t sell investment advice.”

“Good product branding is good art - a little subversive and a little radical. Can’t be done by committees.”

“Guaranteed high returns are usually just concealed blowup risk.”

“Guard your time. Forget the money.”

“Happiness is also a choice. If you're so smart, how come you aren't happy? How come you haven't figured that out? That's my challenge to all the people who think they're so smart and so capable.”

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“Is worrying ever useful?”

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“Happiness is evident more by its absence than by its presence.”

“Helpful people don’t ask 'How can I help?' They just help.”

“Highs that don’t lead to subsequent lows:

- Meditation, gratitude, prayer, journaling, unconditional love.
- Yoga, exercise, play, nature walks.
- Creating art, reading for fun, singing, poetry.
- Practicing a craft, pursuing curiosity, work done for its own sake, flow.”

“Hope is the belief that this moment isn’t good enough.”

“How long until we create the perfect drug, that has everyone addicted, all the time?”

“Humanity will eventually eradicate all viral disease, as our memetic defense evolves much faster than their biological offense.

(Barring laboratory-enhanced viruses).”

“Humans are basically habit machines… I think learning how to break habits is actually a very important meta skill and can serve you in life almost better than anything else.”

“I don’t care how rich you are. I don’t care whether you’re a top Wall Street banker.
If somebody has to tell you when to be at work, what to wear and how to behave, you’re not a free person. You’re not actually rich.”

“I don’t like to self-identify in almost any level anymore. That keeps me from having too many of these so-called stable beliefs.”

“I don’t take notes. I’m reading because I like to read, not to 'learn'.”

“I like to think that if I lost all my money and if you drop me on a random street in any English-speaking country, within 5, 10 years I’d be wealthy again, because it’s just a skill set that I’ve developed and I think anyone can develop. In 1,000 parallel universes, you want to be wealthy in 999 of them. You don’t want to be wealthy in the 50 of them where you got lucky. So, we want to factor luck out of it.”

“I never met my greatest mentor. I wanted so much to be like him. But, his message was the opposite. Be yourself, with passionate intensity.”

“I no longer track books read or even care about books read. It's about understanding concepts.”

“I probably read 1-2 hours a day, and that puts me in the top .00001%. I think that alone accounts for any material success that I've had in my life and any intelligence that I might have.”

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“When ideas survive it's not because they're true – it's because they are interesting. What makes an idea interesting is that it changes our weakly held opinions.”

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