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“If you save your favorite video and audio for workouts only, you’ll look forward to exercise.”

“If you want to be a clear thinker, you cannot pay attention to politics. It will destroy your ability to think.”

“If you want to be great, walk the rope without a boss and without a net.”

“If you want to be part of a great tech company, then you need to be able to sell or build. If you don't do either, learn.”

“If you want to be wealthy, spend your time earning, learning, or relaxing. Outsource or ignore everything else.”

“If you want to make the wrong decision, ask everyone.”

“If you want to operate at peak performance, you have to learn how to tame your mind.”

“If you're going to pick 3 cards in the hand you're dealt, take intelligence, drive, and most importantly, emotional self-discipline.”

“If you’re interested now, you’ll be interesting later.”

“If you’re writing for followers, your followers are worthless.”

“If your idea of money is what it was yesterday, you will lose it to the people who know what money will be tomorrow.”

“If your income is coming from labor rather than assets, you’re being decimated by hidden inflation.”

“If your opinions line up neatly with those of your friends and colleagues, they’re not your opinions.”

“Imagine how effective you would be if you weren’t anxious all the time.”

“In almost any salaried job, even at one that’s paying a lot per hour like a lawyer, or a doctor, you’re still putting in the hours, and every hour you get paid. So, what that means is when you’re sleeping, you’re not earning. When you’re retired, you’re not earning. When you’re on vacation, you’re not earning. And you can’t earn non-linearly.”

“In an age of infinite leverage, judgement is the most important skill.”

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“The greatest learning of the ages lies in accepting life exactly as it comes to us.”

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“In every moment, in everything that happens, you can look on the bright side of something. So I used to do that forcibly and then I trained it until it became second nature.”

“In the modern era, the scarce resources are creativity and knowledge, not land and commodities.

Wars of conquest are really just wars of (self) destruction.”

“In the modern world, don’t minimize your risks – maximize your opportunities.”

“In the physical world, every object is scarce.

In the digital world, every object is abundant.

In a digital world made of NFTs, every object is scarce again.”

“In the startup olympics, first place gets a monopoly, second place gets a medal, and there is no third place.”

“Individuals rarely admit mistakes. Groups never do.”

“Inspiration is perishable. Act on it immediately.”

“Instead of treating events as wins or losses, ask “Did I learn something I can apply in the future?” If not, you must treat it as a loss.”

“Integrity is when what you think and what you say and what you do are one.”

“It doesn’t take money to make money, it takes leverage to make money.”

“It is the mark of a charlatan to explain a simple concept in a complex way.”

“It isn’t 10,000 hours that creates outliers, it’s 10,000 iterations.”

“It's better to have an Ivy League degree than an Ivy League education.”

“It's easier to change yourself than to change the world.”

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“Animals are the main victims of history, and the treatment of domesticated animals in industrial farms is perhaps the worst crime in history.”

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