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Awakened Imagination Quotes

“Determined imagination, thinking from the end is the beginning of all miracles.”

Awakened Imagination

“It is our inner conversations which make tomorrow's facts.”

Awakened Imagination

“The individual's inner speech and actions attract the conditions of his life.”

Awakened Imagination

“The world which is described from observation is a manifestation of the mental activity of the observer.

When man discovers that his world is his own mental activity made visible, that no man can come unto him except he draws him, and that there is no one to change but himself, his own imaginative self, his first impulse is to reshape the world in the image of his ideal.

But his ideal is not so easily incarnated. In that moment when he ceases to conform to external discipline, he must impose upon himself a far more rigorous discipline, the self-discipline upon which the realisation of his ideal depends.”

Awakened Imagination

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“If we make a conscious decision not to be victims of the past and go about creating new lives for ourselves, we are supported by this Power within, and new, happier experiences begin to unfold.”

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