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“A comedian is sort of like a wild animal. It really just depends on where you catch them. Sometimes they want to cuddle up, and sometimes they'll snap at you. But for me, more often than not, if I'm talking to somebody who makes their living in comedy, it'll be a very thoughtful conversation driven from an emotionally honest place.”

“A job is a job, and there are days that are going to be boring, or you have a boss you don't like, or people you work with.”

“Although I'm a comedian, I'm also an amateur survivalist.”

“An autograph is actually refreshing because everyone has cameras now and wants a selfie. That's why I carry signed headshots with me, to give out.”

“Anyone you give a ton of money to is going to go slightly crazy. I don't think comedians are particularly special in that regard; they just are better or more vocal in their expressions of their craziness.”

“As long as it's not an easy, outdated stereotype and it comes from an interesting or emotionally driven place, then anyone can be made fun of.”

“Comedy can't be done in a vacuum, and you can't do it on your own. So if you have a community of people, it's a great symbiotic relationship.”

“Comedy is so collaborative. You're going to come up with better jokes with people you like joking around with. It just makes sense.”

“Everybody gets better looking on TV as shows go on. Even the nerds on 'Big Bang Theory' are getting better looking. Their clothes are getting nicer. They're better groomed. It works for them.”

“Go ahead and make up a ton of lies about me. That's way more interesting than pretending Wikipedia has any real information.”

“I can't play video games or games on my phone because I'll go into a deep vortex, and no one will hear from me for weeks.”

“I didn't have any terrible survival jobs. The main job I had before I was able to transition over to acting full-time was working at an after-school program at a middle school teaching improv and standup. So even when I had a regular job, I was still lucky enough to be doing the stuff I loved in some way.”

“I do a lot of eavesdropping. That's one of the things I miss about New York: just checking people out.”

“I don't like downtime, and I just am too insecure that I'll not work again if I don't start the ball rolling on the next round of things. Everything takes so long to make and come to fruition.”

“I feel incredibly lucky at this moment in my career to get paid to do basically exactly what I always wanted to do. I appreciate that in general. But you know, like any job, a job is a job, and there are days that are going to be boring, or you have a boss you don't like, or people you work with.”

“I find Spike Jones' movies to be really very inventive and funny, but they're really sad and touching and really key into the different facets of the human experience.”

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“I found, especially with stand-up, that if a premise works, you can make the joke work. If a premise doesn't work, you can't force it to.”

“I guess there should be somewhere on the Internet that feels like a source of sacred truth. But Wikipedia sure isn't it.”

“I speak some Spanish. I would love to go make a movie in Spanish. I'd love to be in an Almodovar movie or an Inarritu.”

“I wish I was a cool guy and could drink coffee black, but I put almond milk and raw cane sugar in it.”

“If you talk to most ambitious people, people who are high achievers, they're rarely at peace with what they're doing because they need an engine to keep moving.”

“In general in comedy, there are fewer people making a ton of money and a lot more people making a living. For me, the goal is just being able to make exactly the show I wanted to make.”

“In high school, I went to a place called the Mountain School. It's on a farm in Vermont, and I read Emerson and Thoreau and ran around the woods. Now I go hiking with a bunch of my comedy buddies. We talk about our emotions. I also do a lot of writing on hikes, just to get the blood flowing and the ideas moving.”

“In L.A., you really are in your car all day alone, and there's very little public life.”

“In New York, you are forced into having very public lives and observing all types of people, what they sound like, what they're reading, what they smell like, what they are listening to, how they talk to their friends.”

“In, like, seventh or eighth grade every day after school, my friend Andrew and I would watch 'Wayne's World'. And I think it's a great example of a sketch effectively turned into a movie and a story that really works with a good journey. Not easily accomplished, but such a good journey.”

“Like most lazy upper-middle-class kids, American Studies seemed like a fun way to use your knowledge of TV to get an A.”

“Meeting someone you admire, and then that person's like, 'I'm a fan of your work' – it's a really neat feeling.”

“My experience in TV is that it takes time for shows to find their way.”

“My friends and family always thought I was pretty funny, but I don't know if they thought I was get-my-own-show funny.”

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