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“Exercise #1.

Spend the next week saying no to everything.

By the end of the week, nothing will change, except for your boundaries.”

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“The fastest way to start hating yourself is to try making everyone else happy.”

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“Things I learned taking 30 days off social media:

1. There are actual withdrawals when you go cold turkey.

2. Absurd amount of free time to read and workout and grow my business.

3. It's like a bad friend that you really like.
Boundaries are important.

4. Some of y'all need me to put my foot up your ass. Buckle up because I won't be less displeasing this time.

5. These apps can be used to grow, but mostly they are a distraction. Figure out how much is too much”

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“If kicking your own *ss was going to work, it would have already.

Ask yourself: Would I let anyone talk to my children like I talk to myself?”

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“It’s time to have a real conversation about how the world views good men.”

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“Learning to be disliked is the fastest pathway to knowing and loving who you are.”

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“Not all of your boundaries require brute force.

As you practice, your responses should eventually be equal to the violations.”

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“To stop 'People Pleasing' does not mean
you start being a 'Jerk'.

It means learning to be selfish for a bit and setting boundaries. Then creating balance while you find your voice and learn to like and then love your own life.

It's about allowing your needs to be as important as everyone else’s.”

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“You’re not witholding your emotions because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

You’re doing it to avoid potential abandonment and to cover your own ass. You want to be in control.”

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