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Best 8 Quotes by Nick Vujicic

“Don’t let your face plant grow roots.”

“I never met a bitter person who was thankful. Or a thankful person who was bitter.”

“If the world thinks you’re not good enough, it’s a lie, you know. Get a second opinion!”

“In life you have a choice: Bitter or Better? Choose better, forget bitter.”

“There are two types of risk in life: the danger of trying and danger of not trying. That is to say, there is always risk, no matter how you may try to avoid it or protect yourself. Let’s say you are interested in dating someone. It’s a gamble just to call and ask the person out. You might be turned down. But what if you don’t try? After all, this wonderful person might say yes.”

“To wish for change will change nothing. To make the decision to take action right now will change everything!”

“You can change your attitude and change your life without taking a pill, seeing a shrink, or trekking to a mountaintop to consult a guru.”

“You should consider yourself the stick and the world your pot of stew. Stir it up.”

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“Kind thoughts increase the flow of vital energy into your body and mind. Do kind acts now. Do not procrastinate.

Kindness is like a healing balm. It soothes suffering...

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. Even so, little acts of kindness make an ocean of goodwill.”

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