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Best Private Lives Quotes by Noël Coward

Private Lives Quotes

“I think very few people are completely normal really, deep down in their private lives.”

Private Lives

“It's a pity you didn't have a little more brandy. It might have made you more agreeable!”

Private Lives

“Strange how potent cheap music is.”

Private Lives

“There isn't a particle of you that I don't know, remember, and want.”

Private Lives

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“Well, I spent six or seven years after high school trying to work myself up. Shipping clerk, salesman, business of one kind or another. And it's a measly manner of existence. To get on that subway on the hot mornings in summer. To devote your whole life to keeping stock, or making phone calls, or selling or buying. To suffer fifty weeks of the year for the sake of a two-week vacation, when all you really desire is to be outdoors, with your shirt off. And always to have to get ahead of the next fella. And still — that's how you build a future.”

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