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“Absolutely, one hundred percent, not guilty.”

“Everybody's got whatever problems they have. I refuse to let somebody's mistaken beliefs affect my life.”

“Fear of losing is what makes competitors so great. Show me a gracious loser and I'll show you a permanent loser.”

“I bleed all the time. I play golf and stuff, so there's always something, nicks and stuff, here and there.”

“I consider myself a relatively moral guy.”

“I could not tell you the date of my mother's death. I could not tell you the date of my dad's death. These are not dates that I find significant.”

“I did not have anything to do with these murders. Ever.”

“I didn't beat her. I just pushed her out of bed.”

“I don't know how often I can discuss one incident in my entire life, but I'll continue to do that.”

“I don't understand what I did wrong except live a life that everyone is jealous of.”

“I feel that my advances in the business world will shatter a lot of white myths about black athletes – and give some pride and hope to a lot of young blacks.”

“I had one fight in my adult life. I had the famous '89 fight with Nicole, which she admits that she initiated the physical part.”

“I have always wanted to be liked and respected.”

“I really have reached a point where I can write a book about all of this.”

“I tend to watch a little TV... Court TV, once in a while. Some of the cases I get interested in.”

“I think I've been a great citizen.”

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“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”

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“I'm absolutely, 100 percent, not guilty.”

“I'm enjoying the money, the big house, the cars. What ghetto kid wouldn't?”

“I've been very clear. I won. I didn't commit the crime.”

“If there wasn't no fight, there wasn't no weekend.”

“In America you get as much justice as you can afford.”

“Life was good to me. I had a great wife, good kids, money, my own health – and I'm lonely and bored.”

“Life's been good to me. Why am I so lonely and bored?

I used to wonder why so many rich men commit suicide. I no longer wonder.”

“Money takes wings. The only thing that endures is character.”

“My NFL pension can barely pay my son's tuition. You know, it's very little money.”

“NFL owners should quit worrying about silly things like players celebrating in the end zone.

They should give them something to really celebrate. Get rid of the artificial surfaces.”

“Nicole will come up in conversations where it's in a part of the conversation. Or we may be somewhere and I would tell some story about their mother and I. You know, we always honor her birthday.”

“The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuses, that's the day you start to the top.”

“The only thing that endures is character. Fame and wealth – all that is illusion. All that endures is character.”

“There is no prayer so blessed as the prayer which asks for nothing.”

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