Otto von Bismarck Quotes

Who was Otto von Bismarck?

Otto, Prince of Bismarck was a conservative German statesman and diplomat.

Born April 1, 1815
Died July 30, 1898
Aged 83 years old

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Best 13 Quotes by Otto von Bismarck

“A little caution outflanks a large cavalry.”

“Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.”

“Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.”

“Hounds follow those who feed them.”

“It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong.”

“Laws are like medicine: They generally cure an evil by a lesser or a passing evil.”

“Laws are like sausages: It’s better not to see them being made.”

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“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.”

“Preventive war is like committing suicide out of fear of death.”

“The main thing is to make history, not to write it.”

“When I have laid bait for deer, I don’t shoot at the first doe that comes to sniff, but wait until the whole herd has gathered round.”

“When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.”

“With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and when I have to do with a pirate, I try to be a pirate and a half.”

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“Every good mathematician is at least half a philosopher, and every good philosopher is at least half a mathematician.”

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