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“A talented entrepreneur with bad habits eventually becomes an employee. An average employee with great habits can eventually become a great entrepreneur.”

“Alignment. It’s purely alignment. If I’m aligned with my values and principles and my goals and dreams I’m the most fulfilled, happiest person alive.”

“Change will come only when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

“Don’t compare yourself to others you see around you. Get really clear on who you want to be.”

“Ferrari doesn’t advertise on TV because their customers don’t watch much of it.”

“Humility has a different meaning to different people. It doesn’t mean being a priest, a monk, or a pastor. It simply means you don’t know it all.”

“I’ve not found one single mutual fund, one single real estate investment, any gold, silver or anything else that has given me higher returns than me investing in myself.”

“If a government can’t have a strong military, police, firefighters, public schools, roads, hospitals, etc... with the 33% of taxes they collect, then it’s time to fire who’s in charge and replace them with efficient people.”

“If you can walk, talk, hear or see, you have everything it takes to do something big with your life.”

“Instincts are a by-product of thousands of hours of mastering your trade.”

“It’s tough to start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading and re-living the last one. Grab the pen of life and start writing the next one.”

“Number one rule — Money is a game. You’re playing a game. It’s that simple. If you look at it as a game, just like anything, you can get better at it, right?”

“One can not charm or seduce their way out of lost time. Time has no mercy for those who take it for granted.”

“Only your habits will continue to frustrate you. Your results are a by-product of your habits. Change your habits, change your results.”

“Reading an hour a day is only 4% of your day. But that 4% will put you at the top of your field within 10 years. Find the time.”

“Spend money on experiences instead of things because they last longer.”

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“If you scam people for money your family will be cursed for many years.”

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“Take some time to sit and reflect on your dream job or the best version of you.”

“The bigger the vision you have, the more important it is for you to think on what type of a team you’re going to put around you.”

“The first two years of being an entrepreneur will be a roller coaster ride. The goal is to eventually own the roller coaster.”

“The future looks bright for those who stay humble.”

“The moment you start fighting for something bigger than you, you’ll be introduced to a version of you that you’ve never seen before.”

“The only difference between the entrepreneur and the intrepreneur is that the entrepreneur puts up the money. That’s it.”

“Whatever you’re going through right now has a lifespan. Pain has a lifespan. Challenges have a lifespan. Do your best to process the current challenge without over-reacting. Judge less & find ways to improve you! It all works itself out.”

“You have room to improve. You can learn from others including your enemies and allies.”

“You never know the potential of a contact. You have to know [that] every contact could take you to someplace that you don’t know. It’s like a movie. You don’t know the next scene, you know? So you can’t just assume what that contact is going to lead into. Sometimes the smallest contact can lead into something big.”

“You’re one bad decision away from setting yourself back years. One bad relationship away from picking up bad habits and mindset. At the same time, you’re one great decision away from changing your life. One great relationship away from picking up great habits and mindset.”

Doing The Impossible Quotes

“If experts say you have ADHD use that God-given gift to ignore naysayers. Learn to use your crutches in life as secret weapons.”

Doing The Impossible

“Roger Banister said his 4:03.6 mile in 1953 made him realize that the four-minute mile was not out of reach. Part of daring to achieve the impossible is letting failure motivate you rather than discourage you.”

Doing The Impossible

“The downside is that a person spends $20 to watch that hero instead of being that hero himself.”

Doing The Impossible

“We never feel completely ready for life’s big decisions; but in taking the leap, we push ourselves to the next level.”

Doing The Impossible

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“People do more for you when you make them feel important.”

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