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“A skill-benefit statement begins with a phrase that describes your skill: “I can instruct and coach on the use of laser calibration instruments.”

Note that the skill description uses 'can', a word that emphasizes actions that can be taken — this is a stronger way of stating your skills.”

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“A skill-benefit statement encourages you to talk in a way that combines 'I can' with 'able to'.

For example, I can program your inventory records so that you will be able to reorder supplies at just the right time.”

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“As long as you are prepared to answer in a way that will keep you in the running as a candidate, you don’t have to fear difficult questions.”

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“In an interview you are asked to talk about your knowledge, your skills with professional tools, your work habits—all the things that qualify you for the job. Unlike a casual conversation, however, the interview is a place to be specific, rather than general — to tell stories about yourself that highlight specific skills.

To substantiate a particular technical or performance skill you have that qualifies you for the job, it is best to tell the interviewer about a situation in which you used that skill. Your story needs to include all the relevant details about the situation, the hindrances, your actions, the result of your actions, and the outcome. And you need to show that you understand the larger meaning of your experience.”

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“The thing most people fear about being interviewed is being asked a question that they can’t answer or don’t want to answer. Sooner or later, someone will ask you that killer question.

A good interviewer will ask you questions that challenge you and stretch your ability to answer, and let you demonstrate what kinds of skills you have to offer.”

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“The way you communicate your value to the interviewer is to convert your skill profile into a set of skill-benefit statements.”

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“When the interviewer tries to lead you into an answer by phrasing the question, “Don’t you think that...” you should be concerned
that whatever you say will be wrong.

In the belief that there’s something negative about you that needs to be either confirmed or disproved, the interviewer is probably trying to get you to admit to a problem.”

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“When you are going for an interview, remember that the interviewer is a buyer, representing an organization that needs to accomplish one or more goals.

You are the seller and your immediate task in the interview is to let the buyer know what skills you have and how those skills can benefit the organization.”

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