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Who is Paul Verhoeven?

Paul Verhoeven is a Dutch filmmaker. He is best known for the movies Total Recall, RoboCop, Elle and Basic Instinct.

Born July 18, 1938
Age 84 years old

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“Everything you have heard about the shower scene is true.”

“I had become a film director because I thought I could express something in an artful way.”

“I had decided after 'Hollow Man' to stay away from science fiction. I felt I had done so much science fiction. Four of the six movies I made in Hollywood are science-fiction oriented, and even 'Basic Instinct' is kind of science fiction.”

“Jesus may have had an immense sense of importance or destiny, but he never claimed to be the Son of God.”

“Jesus was a human being, bound by history and the natural world; an extraordinary man, to be sure, but still a man.”

“My first film was a comedy, but after that I went always into more heavier stuff.”

“Science fiction is about worlds you don't know and worlds you can create, like in 'Avatar'.”

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“People love seeing violence and horrible things. The human being is bad and can't stand more than five minutes of happiness. Put him in a dark theater and ask him to look at two hours of happiness, and he'd walk out or fall asleep.”


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