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The Self Quotes

“Freud introduced the unconscious, which in effect dethroned man as the uncontested master of his own rational faculties. Instead, our lives and our decisions, our loves and our hates, are more often the result of forces working elsewhere than in our conscious mind, and we are the dupes of those forces, rather than their master. Indeed, thinking, as Descartes conceived it, accounts for considerably less than half the story of our being in the world.”

The Self

“The man who would have no imitators had legions of them, each infected with the mimetic dilemma that Rousseau personified: how to get others to notice how disinterested one is in whether they notice or not.”

The Self

“The single greatest cultural contribution of postmodernity is that it eliminates the presumption of intellectual neutrality that modernity automatically associated with skeptical rationalism. It shows, not that truth is socially constructed, but that the uniquely human act of bearing witness to the truth is always a moral as well as an intellectual or empirical or noetic act.”

The Self

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“Whenever I hear the word 'share' I would reach for a gun if I had one. 'Share' is frequently followed by the word 'feelings', and I have enough of my own thank you; please do us both a favor and repress yours.”

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