Peyton Manning Quotes

Best 30 Quotes by Peyton Manning

“Anyone who waits for someone else to make a change automatically becomes a follower.”

“Boy, do I hate to lose.”

“Everybody is going to be excited to play in a Super Bowl. When you still enjoy the preparation and the work part of it, I think you ought to be still doing that. I think as soon as I stop enjoying it, if I can’t produce, if I can’t help a team, that’s when I will stop playing.”

“I guess, to tell you the truth, I’ve never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I’ve managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache.”

“I have to leave the games now if the announcer says something I don’t agree with. I’m thinking, ‘Peyton, it is not healthy to be all worked up before a game.'”

“I think I could describe the perfect quarterback. Take a little piece of everybody. Take John Elway’s arm, Dan Marino’s release, maybe Troy Aikman’s drop-back, Brett Favre’s scrambling ability, Joe Montana’s two-minute poise and, naturally, my speed.”

“I want to be out there every single snap, every single play.”

“I’m not 23 anymore. But the defensive ends and linebackers chasing me are. If I had to chose between youth and experience, I’d take experience every time.”

“I’m the best Manning.”

“I’m very humbled and I’m very honored. I certainly think about how grateful I am for all the teammates and coaches that I’ve played with and played for throughout my career.”

“I’ve been being asked about my legacy since I was about 25 years old. I’m not sure you can have a legacy when you’re 25 years old. Even 37. I’d like to have to be, like, 70 to have a legacy. I’m not even 100 percent sure what the word even means.”

“I’ve never left the field saying, ‘I could’ve done more to get ready’, and that gives me peace of mind.”

“If nothing else in life, I want to be true to the things I believe in, and quite simply, to what I’m all about. I know I’d better, because it seems whenever I take a false step or two I feel the consequences.”

“If you work hard and you play well, all those critics quiet themselves pretty quickly.”

“Imitation is obviously a great form of flattery.”

“It goes without saying, winning against a good team in a hostile crowd on the road, it’s just an absolutely huge win.”

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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

“It’s not wanting to win that makes you a winner; it’s refusing to fail.”

“Life is about choices. You ask the questions and you listen to the answers. Then you listen to your heart.”

“My dad told us up front, ‘Guys, if you want to play sports, go ahead, but it’s your decision.’”

“My dad was a class person on and off the field. That’s the person I want to be.”

“My faith doesn’t make me perfect, it makes me forgiven.”

“My job is to play well offensively and help my team score points. So I feel very responsible every time we lose a game.”

“Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the hell you're doing.”

“Remind your critics when they say you don’t have the expertise or experience to do something that an amateur built the ark and the experts built the Titanic.”

“Some guys leave a place after a long time, and they’re bitter. Not me.”

“The most valuable player is the one that makes the most players valuable.”

“When people are watching you, it makes you think twice about what you do, and the things you say, and the people you hang around with.”

“You hear about how many fourth-quarter comebacks that a guy has and I think it means a guy screwed up in the first three quarters.”

“You’ve got to remember what your priorities are. When you’re playing, what you do on the field is the most important thing.”

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