Phil Good Quotes

Best 20 Quotes by Phil Good

“All truths are merely perspectives. If you are threatened by a perspective, you are in big trouble.”

“As humans, we are so hard on ourselves and each other. If people had the full story, they would have a lot more compassion in their hearts.”

“At the core of it all, we are all artists... painting life.”

“Befriend all of your demons, and you’ll become an angel.”

“Being governed by a belief system that isn’t serving you, is no different than having another being create your reality for you.”

“Dictating to others what they should/shouldn’t be, should/shouldn’t do stems from a lack in your own mastery.”

“Doctors study medicine.
Teachers study education.
Healers study darkness.”

“Everything about your physical experience is heightened when you are connected to the eternalness of your soul.”

“I choose to believe in a Universe that supports me.”

“If someone has already made up their mind about you, don’t exhaust yourself trying to explain who you are.”

“Old and recent memories will keep pulling you in (popping up in your mind), because there is a dominant frequency associated to them, that is needing to be resolved.”

“Stop squandering your energy on things that aren’t supporting your ascension process.”

“Taking things for granted isn’t in my DNA. I treasure every bit of life, because I’ve died so many times.”

“The programs of separation that you hold within your body will continue to show up in your physical reality, until you resolve them.”

“The world hardens you when your heart is closed, and it softens you when your heart is open.”

“We try to control other humans, because we are terrified of letting go into the light that we are.”

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“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.”

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“What the third eye sees, the human sees, wants to see, or refuses to see.”

“You can’t stop someone who is a volcano of love. What you can do, is admire it or run for your life.”

“You think you’re worthy of a car, and the universe might think you’re worthy of a jet.”

“Your speed of vibration determines your speed of manifestation.”