Philip Elmer-DeWitt Quotes

Who is Philip Elmer-DeWitt?

Philip Elmer-DeWitt is an American writer and editor on the subject of computers.

Born September 08, 1949

Best 8 Quotes by Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“Apple may be, as the lawyers say, sui generis.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“In a Time/CNN poll of 1,000 Americans conducted last week by Yankelovich Partners, two-thirds said it was more important to protect the privacy of phone calls than to preserve the ability of police to conduct wiretaps. When informed about the Clipper Chip, 80% said they opposed it.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“Information wants to be free, but to get it while it’s fresh you have to pay, one way or another.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“Nobody brings numbers to life like Horace Dediu does.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“The Internet is far from perfect. Largely unedited, its content is often tasteless, foolish, uninteresting or just plain wrong. It can be dangerously habit-forming and, truth be told, an enormous waste of time.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“The Internet, of course, is more than a place to find pictures of people having sex with dogs.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

“The Internet, where anybody can be a reporter and nobody knows you’re a dog.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

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“Some people make headlines while others make history.”

Philip Elmer-DeWitt

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