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“Attention is the chisel of memory.”

“Criticism is a tax that envy perceives on merit.”

“Everything is relative, except the infinite.”

“Fear and hope share life; pleasure and pain occupy only moments.”

“Giving is a pleasure; to pay is a duty.”

“He who is never happy will never be happy.”

“How many could be made happy with the happiness lost in this world.”

“How many desires are decorated with the name of wills.”

“Idleness is the rust of the soul.”

“In confessing one’s mistakes, one puts reason in the present and wrong in the past.”

“Ingratitude does not discourage beneficence; but it serves as a pretext for selfishness.”

“It is easy enough to find a mistress, and easy to keep a friend; what is difficult is to find a friend and keep a mistress.”

“It is easy to find a lover and to retain a friend: what is difficult is to find the friend and to retain the lover.”

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

“Moderation teaches how to manage present pleasures for the benefit of the future.”

“Money is like time: do not waste it, you'll always have enough.”

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“When there is only one religion, tyranny rules; when there are two, religious war reigns; when there are many, liberty comes.”

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“Most of the trouble happens so quickly because we’re halfway there.”

“Noblesse oblige.”

“Of all the feelings, the most difficult to pretend is pride.”

“One can love more than once, but not the same person.”

“One should not look too much through the good deeds.”

“Rank has its obligations.”

“Reflection increases the vigor of the mind, as exercise does the strength of the body.”

“Repress, you will have less to punish.”

“Sensitive people wish to be loved; vain people wish only to be preferred.”

“Since Cupid is represented with a torch in his hand, why did they place virtue on a barrel of gunpowder?”

“The only guarantee of a long peace between two states is mutual impotence to harm one another.”

“The past is settled, the present eludes you, think of the future.”

“Things are so well arranged that the pleasure of success is almost always proportionate to the pains it took to succeed.”

“To govern is to make choices.”

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“I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than two hundred rats of my own species.”

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