Piers Morgan Quotes

Best 23 Quotes by Piers Morgan

“All the heat should come my way.”

“Bill O'Reilly is like a comfortable pair of shimmeringly angry slippers, but you know every night what you're going to get.”

“Can we rename Taylor Swift, Pinocchio Swift?”

“History is littered with many, many talented young people who got a break damaged in the end by fame and other things when they were young and took it.”

“I kind of think we have too many guns in this country.”

“I think that variety is the key to our success. It is what makes artists different, and long may that continue.”

“I want to interview the most important people in the world and have everyone in America the next day going: Did you see that?”

“I've got three sons, and two of them would absolutely hate being on the stage and never liked appearing in their school plays or musicals, but the middle one absolutely loves it and never shows any sign of nerves or pressure and really gets a kick out of performing. I think it depends entirely on the child. And that applies to anything whether it's sport or entertainment or music or film.”

“Most of the men that sue in Hollywood are all about 5' 2'. They wake up every day, know they're tiny and feel very angry about it, so they go out and sue people.”

“My favorite place in L.A. is Manhattan Beach. It's an intimate, friendly little beachside city within a city-smaller than most of its neighbors, so it reminds me of a British seaside resort. If my three teenage sons are in town, we'll play some cricket on the flat, hard sand where the water breaks, just to really confuse the locals!”

“Singers always have an advantage. You know, everyone can connect to a song in a way that they cannot do to a basketball act or a magician act or whatever.”

“That amazing moment when your crush has a crush on you. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the person who you want to be in a relationship with likes or loves you back.”

“There are many different ways of categorizing news. It doesn't have to be just war and famine and serious politics.”

“There is a certain advantage to the British accent. I do notice that Americans love it; they think the we Brits are smarter than perhaps we are.”

“There is a type of snobbish, pompous journalist who thinks that the only news that has any validity is war, famine, pestilence or politics. I don't come from that school.”

“Tony Blair is a decent man who genuinely thinks what he is doing is justified. But when he sees men such as George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld smirking and boasting as they announce their Shock and Awe offensive, we hope he understands why we believe we have been dragged into something we should have been fighting tooth and nail to stop.”

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“I'm sufficiently complex that there's no one truth about me.”

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“What is it about this ideological dream of the right to bear arms that overrides any other rights, I mean the rights to not have your children killed at school?”

Don't You Know Who I Am? Quotes

“Absolutely nobody in the entire United States of America has even a modicum of interest in who I am, but I’m determined to change that. Because if I can pull it off here, then I can kiss goodbye to tedious speeches, crappy TV jobs and all the other nonsense I have to do back in England to pay the bills.”

Don't You Know Who I Am?

Shooting Straight Quotes

“Don't chase women, they will chase you. They are like horses in a pasture: if you don't go drooling over her, she is going to want to know why.”

Shooting Straight

Twitter post Quotes

“All the great actresses know that good lighting is the key to life.”

Twitter post

Wake Up Quotes

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

Wake Up

“Cancel culture, as it’s become known, is one of the very worst things about modern society, and it’s driven by the same woke liberals who profess to stand for tolerance.”

Wake Up

“If we do not believe in freedom of speech for people we despise, we do not believe in it at all.”

Wake Up

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“I would love to have a long and serious conversation with the Pope. And Woody Allen, whom I have never interviewed. Then, after those two? Steve Jobs.”

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