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“A “healthy deviant” makes against-the-grain choices. It is a different frame of mind. It is being a social renegade, challenging the status quo, and defying cultural norms.”

“Amplified awareness is the ability to consistently notice, assess, and respond to what’s going on both within and around you.”

“As a rule, healthy people have mastered some skills that unhealthy people haven’t... yet.”

“As I experimented with new ways of living, my life got incrementally better. Then dramatically better. I discovered that “normal” was indeed overrated, and also profoundly damaging — at least for me. I also discovered that there were many ways of living that I enjoyed more.”

“As you begin deviating from the status quo, don’t be surprised if you raise some eyebrows.”

“Be responsive to your body: When your body is thirsty, give it a glass of water. When it longs for a walk around the block, a few minutes of sunshine, or an extra hour of sleep, make that happen. Your body clamors for rest because it needs rest. Acts of self-care may also be the only thing standing between you and some breaking point with a high price tag.”

“Becoming and staying a healthy person in our culture is tougher than it ought to be. You can’t just roll merrily along with the unhealthy status quo, or you’ll become part of it.”

“Being a healthy person in our unhealthy culture is ridiculously challenging — at first, anyway.”

“Call out the crazy. Laugh in the face of nonsense, even when it’s official, authoritative nonsense.”

“Choosing to be a healthy person in an unhealthy world means becoming an outlier. It means frequently walking against the traffic of a mass-hallucination — and that’s not something most people are prepared to do.”

“Dare to make disruptive healthy choices daily — even (or especially) in the face of resistance.”

“Developing the ability to closely observe your own experiences without judging or dismissing them helps you hear what your body is trying to tell you.”

“Do you actively challenge or reject the health-sapping norms, social expectations, and values of our unhealthy culture?”

“Do you sometimes encounter resistance, judgment, derision, or feel stigmatized as the result of your socially-odd but healthy choices?”

“Do you take a lot of proactive steps to safeguard your health, including some steps not promoted by large, authoritative organizations?”

“For much of my life, I tried hard to pass for normal. That didn’t go so well.”

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“Growth requires practice, exploration, and experimentation. It also responds well to positive encouragement. So affirm your progress.”

“Healthy deviants are individuals who choose to pursue healthy lives in an unhealthy mass culture.”

“I learned what I now call “the Skills of the Healthy Person.” I gave up dieting, calorie counting, mass-market magazines, and TV. I learned how to make and enjoy whole foods. I abandoned bikini-body workouts and discovered ways of moving that I actually enjoyed. I started spending a little time outdoors each day, honoring my need for sleep, and safeguarding time for play and relaxation. I stopped chasing “success” as a metric of success.”

“Imagine a world in which our current ratio of healthy to unhealthy people was inverted. What if, instead of most people struggling and only a tiny minority thriving, it was the other way around?”

“In a hyper-challenging situation (like the one we are living in now), an aware, energized, resilient person stands a far better chance of surviving than a distracted, depleted, fragile one.”

“Looking back, I can see now that my efforts to conform were squeezing the life and light right out of me.”

“Often in our culture, what looks like a willpower problem is a chronic depletion and distraction problem.”

“Our culture trains us to react slavishly to external triggers and sensory cravings (Ooh, I smell doughnuts!) but to ignore our body’s signals, symptoms, and state-changes (Ugh, I feel drained, or Ouch, my stomach hurts).”

“Refuse to let the dominant-culture machine roll over your healthy autonomy.”

“So, what does it mean to live in a society that reliably produces more unhealthy, unhappy people than healthy, happy ones?

It means we are all facing the same, socially awkward choice: Break the rules, or break yourself.”

“Stop breaking yourself, even when that means breaking from convention.”

“Taking time to rest and recover immediately after a stressful experience can save you days, weeks, or even months you might otherwise lose to illness, injury, or mistakes.”

“The mass-media advice and conventional health prescriptions I’d been attempting to follow were not working for me. Or for most of the people I knew.”

“Want to escape the vitality-sapping pull of our Unhealthy Default Reality? Start by upgrading your awareness, resilience, and healthy-living know-how.”

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