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“A good person doesn't always feel good but tries to do what is good.”

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“A masculine man will only pick a feminine woman. He's not looking for a girl who is going to boss him around.

Make sure you're able to submit to his leadership.”

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“Be aware of the fact that the way you dress is a form of communication.

It has influence on how others treat you as it can bring out the best in you (and your looks) or withhold you from the fullest potential (of your looks).”

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“Because we aren't made to live like men, and therefore we don't achieve the same results as men, we believe we are oppressed.

While in reality it's simple: we aren't made for this lifestyle, so it makes sense that this lifestyle doesn't treat us well all the time. Especially not in the long run.”

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“Being a ‘strong and independent’ woman may bring you the material wealth, but never the highest form of wealth: meaningful relationships.

We need others. No one is made to do life alone without the help and influence of others.

Choose unity over individualism.”

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“Don't pick a man unless you want our sons to be exactly like him. Don't pick a woman unless you want your daughters to be exactly like her.”

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“Feminism started with equal worth, then equal rights and now equal performance.

But going for equal performance goes literally against nature so it will never truly work out.”

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“Have you ever noticed that feminism is striving for gender equality by pushing women to live the same lifestyle as men under the guise of liberation while it's actually an attack on liberation?

We are now forced to adapt to a men-oriented lifestyle that we aren't made for.”

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“I guess this scripture is seen as controversial these days.”

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“If there was real liberation, women wouldn't be sicker and weaker than ever before in our history and children wouldn't be raised in schools and daycares.

Women aren't designed to bear this workload and stress that comes with working outside the house. And families aren't designed to have two parents who are full-time outside the house.”

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“It's attractive for high value women when a man knows what he wants, goes after the woman he desires and actually cares about her.

This shows that he takes himself and the woman he is interested in seriously.”

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“Just because someone is nice to you, it doesn't mean this person is good for you.

Satan can be nice to you as well. In fact, that's often his strategy to win you over.”

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“Ladies the good news is: masculinity isn't toxic. A masculine man has zero intentions to oppress or control his wife.

In fact he wants to provide safety and stability so you an thrive in your femininity.”

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“Mature, masculine men are looking for someone to complement them, not to mother them.

When you are too independent and controlling, you'll only attract men whose lives are out of control. Men who try to fill up their voids with a woman, because he can't fulfill his basic needs.”

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“Men and women have different natural qualities. Therefore we can never be gender neutral.”

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“P*rnography is an agenda to keep men weak, docile and in their lower selves.

It's free for a reason.”

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“Women are segregated into the worst jobs, aren't they?

While we have seen that twenty-four out of the twenty-five worst jobs are male jobs and that many men also have low-pay jobs (busboy, doorman, dishwasher, gas station attendant, etc.), many of the lowest-paid jobs are predominantly occupied by women.

Why the distinction between the 'worst' and 'low-paid' jobs? Because many of the low-paid jobs are low-paid because they are safer, have higher fulfillment, more flexible hours, and other desirable characteristics that make them more in demand and therefore lower in pay.

When either sex chooses jobs with these desirable characteristics, they can expect low pay. Women are much more likely to choose jobs with seven of these eight characteristics – what might be called the 'Female Occupations Formula'.”

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“Please notice that fashion trends aren’t here to make you beautiful.

Ladies, I’m going to be a bit blunt here: observe how most fashion trends will make you look like a homeless person, a man, a h**ker or a teenage girl.

Most trends don’t accelerate high value femininity.”

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“Pleasure is temporary. Joy is eternal.

Lust is from the flesh. Love is from above.”

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“Putting on a dress does something for us ladies. It makes us more aware of our femininity, therefore you'll behave more feminine as a result.

It's like an accountability partner for our feminine development.”

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“Submitting to your man doesn't make you weak, inferior or oppressed.

When your man is a good leader he will make decisions that are the best for you both.”

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“The 'strong independent women' culture is harmful to women. It's encouraging women to become hyper-masculine, which abandons our femininity.

We are not made to be independent. We are made for unity and community.”

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“The average woman doesn't know how to cook, doesn't want to serve her man, thinks her highest calling is making money, treats her body like an object, isn't willing to submit and has a hardened heart instead of being a nurturing woman.”

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“The people around you have way more influence on you than you think, because it often bears fruit that is less obvious.”

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“There is no such thing as casual sex. It’s a highly sacred act whether you like it or not.

But still it’s a common thought within this society that sex is casual, or at least can be casual.

Treating sex as something casual is an open door for disaster.”

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“We hear all the time that feminism is giving us, women, options. While in reality often there's only one option: entering the work field outside the house.

VAT systems are now designed for women who work outside the house, which makes it harder nowadays to work full-time inside the house.”

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“We still live in a hookup culture. Heavily influenced by Hollywood and all the other forms of media.

The pure essence of each gender is being destroyed. The pure essence of love is being destroyed.

Women don't even know their worth anymore and are objectifying themselves under the guise of 'female liberation'.

Men don't even know how to lead anymore, because they are not needed and valued in a culture of 'boss babes' and 'strong independent women'.

Our values disappear while these values are an extremely important pile of a firm foundation of each relationship.”

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“When you as a woman aren't healed from the relationship with your father, chances are high that you expect too much from you partner.

Simply because unconsciously you expect your partner to be the father you never had.”

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“When you have standards for your (future) spouse, make sure you work on yourself first.

Men: make sure you can lead your woman and provide safety and stability for her.

Women: make sure you're able to support your man and to nurture him.”

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“When you have values, you have self worth. When you have self worth, you respect yourself and others.

When you respect yourself and others, you will only choose a strong and healthy relationship. When you are in a strong and healthy relationship, you create a stable and powerful environment for yourself to rise and for your children to grow up.”

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“Why would you strive for gender neutrality? In so many aspects, men and women are not the same.

We need masculinity. We need femininity.

Together we form such a strong, God made union. Own your gender. Don't surpress it.”

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“What benefit do women derive from imprisoning men as date r*pists apart from gratification of a desire for revenge? Seeing men punished may even confirm morally confused women in their mistaken sense of victimhood.

Resentment tends to feed upon itself, like an itch that worsens with scratching. Women are reinforced in the belief that it is their right for men’s behavior to be anything they would like it to be.

They become less inclined to treat men with respect or to try to learn to understand or compromisse with them. In a word, they learn to think and behave like spoiled children, expecting everything and willing to give nothing.

Men, meanwhile, respond to this in ways that are not difficult to predict. They may not (at first) decline sexual liaisons with such women, because the woman’s moral shortcomings do not have too great an effect upon the sexual act itself.

But, quite rationally, they will avoid any deeper involvement with them. So women experience fewer, shorter and worse marriages and 'relationships' with men.

But they do not blame themselves for the predicament they are in; they refuse to see any connection between their own behavior and their loneliness and frustration.

Thus we get ever more frequent characterizations of men as r*pists and predators who mysteriously refuse to commit.”

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