Randall Carlson Quotes

Who is Randall Carlson?

Randall Carlson is an American architectural designer, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

Carlson appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience and hosts his own podcast Kosmographia.

Born March 26, 1951
Age 72 years old

Best Quote by Randall Carlson

“At this point nobody disputes that there are catastrophic floods. The question: is what was the mechanism, how many were there, how long did it take, was it a bunch of catastrophic but smaller floods, or was it back to Bretz's original model of one giant flood; and I think the truth lies somewhere between the two.

And again the geology gets complicated but I'm writing it up so I will explain, in detail, what my thoughts are, and after having criss-crossed thousands of miles of this landscape repeatedly, and basically absorbed every piece of scientific literature ever written on it, I've evolved some ideas on what could have happened here and how it could have happened.”

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