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Who was Raquel Welch?

Jo Raquel Welch was an American actress. She is best known for the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' which turned her into a sex symbol.

Born September 5, 1940
Died February 15, 2023
Aged 82 years old

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“As far as I've been alive, women have always been more or less the symbol of sexuality rather than the male. We don't see the naked male body, as the symbol of sex.”

“Being a sex symbol was rather like being a convict.”

“Change excites me. I am fifty years old. It's when the mind catches up with the body.”

“For a woman to be considered a celebrated beauty is not exactly a bad thing. I think we have to say that in all reality.”

“I am 5 ft 6 in, and at my peak, my vital statistics were 37-22-35. I didn't even think about my weight – but now I work hard at keeping healthy. Fortunately, my husband Richie is as much of a fitness buff as I am.”

“I couldn't stand that my husband was being unfaithful. I am Raquel Welch – understand?”

“I don't feel like, unless I have a boyfriend or somebody to march down the aisle with for the fifth time, that I'm 'Oh, poor me.' I'm not going to go running out desperately looking, making myself crazy and thinking that, without that, I'm nothing.”

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“I felt like, you know, my presence in the world of cinema had a different meaning than Meryl Streep... There was an impact that was made, but it wasn't the usual.”

“I find clothes so constricting!”

“I found out a long time ago that if I indulged by stuffing my face with great food, lying about reading books and watching TV or talking on the phone, I was not a happy camper.”

“I have a very, very good life. I'm grateful for all of my friends, my family and the life that I have, and the possibilities in my future.”

“I inherited good skin from my mother, and I stay away from soap, which dries it out.”

“I knew my mother was – well, her ancestry dated back to John Quincy Adams, so she was totally not Latina. She was definitely whatever you call it – white bread, shall we say?”

“I take a multivitamin, I take extra C, I take chondroitin and glucosamine for my joints, I take calcium for my bones. And by the way, weight-bearing exercises can help ward off osteoporosis and yoga helps ward off arthritis.”

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“I think it'd be wonderful if we could train young girls to be active in lots of ways and that they then wouldn't have to age at the same rate that they would if they were not more active. In other words, more physical fitness and not just the sporty kind, but the yoga, which is really important.”

“I think that women should be decorative.”

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“Many people think they want things, but they don’t really have the strength, the discipline. They are weak. I believe that you get what you want if you want it badly enough.”

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“I was a bigger-than-life persona before I was anyone in my own mind.”

“I was always willing to take a great deal of the burden of getting along in life on my own shoulders, but I wasn't willing to give myself a pat on the back. I was always looking to somebody else to give me that. .. That was all wrong.”

“I was asked to come to Chicago because Chicago is one of our fifty-two states.”

“I was lucky that one of my first movies, 'One Million Years B.C.' was made in Europe by a British company. The Brits, and a lot of the rest of Europe, seemed to really love exotic women. The fact that I was American and exotic just made me more appealing to them.”

“I was not a classic mother. But my kids were never palmed off to boarding school. So, I didn't bake cookies. You can buy cookies, but you can't buy love.”

“I'd taken the bull by the horns by liberating myself and creating a career. It took guts – it was scary and chancy – but they discounted me as empty-headed: some little piece of fluff without any brain that happened to come along.”

“I'm a hard worker, very driven, and have never expected anything to come easily. My yoga, a great rejuvenator, helped me to live down my image – this sex symbol thing. It helps me connect with myself.”

“I'm far more ready to go with the flow now because I am more accepting of myself.”

“I'm not imperceptible to masculine charm, but, well, you know, I can flirt.”

“I'm the antidote to Lindsay Lohan. I know she misbehaves terribly, but sometimes it just seems like it's open season on her.”

“I've always been a health fanatic.”

“If an aging sex symbol like me starts waving the red flag of caution over how low moral standards have plummeted, you know it's gotta be pretty bad.”

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“In school, nobody could pronounce my name. They just called me Rocky.”

“It seemed like a wonderful honor to have the Film Society of Lincoln Center screen 'The Films of Raquel Welch.' It shows a lot of a variety in what they've chosen; it kind of runs the gamut of my film career.”

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“It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.”

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