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“A woman wants to be with a man who is more experienced and more skilled than her.

She doesn't want to be the teacher, that's not sexy to her. She wants the man to take her on sexual adventures.”

“Can you see the green lines?”

“Don't lean in to her. Pull her into you.”

“Five things sl*ts hate:

- their skin
- their hair
- their feet
- their body count
- their fathers”

“Five things sl*ts love:

- drugs
- alcohol
- tattoos
- piercings
- cursing”

“Good girls are hard to find. Sl*ts are everywhere”

“Her insecurities make her more fragile and beautiful.

Your insecurities make you more fragile and ugly.”

“If her tattoo count is four you know she is a wh*re.”

“If she sticks out her tongue, she is not the one!”

“If you can’t be handsome, be dangerous.”

“If you want to lose her, just give her more than she gives you.”

“Love her for what she is, don't hate her for what she's not.”

“Playing sports is masculine. Watching sports isn't masculine.”

“She wants to be with a man that a lot of other girls want, remember that.”

“The man who hurt her the most is the one she remembers the most.”

“The more insecure you are, the more you seek 'perfection'.”

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“Alchametic magic is 'How do I create something out of nothing purely through manifesting my will through power and light, which is value.' That's white magic. That's alchametic magic.”

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“The more she can manipulate you, the less she wants to f*ck you.”

“The patriarchy wasn't invented to oppress women, it was invented to protect women.”

“When you argue with women, you reveal that you don't understand women.”

“Your c*ck is her drug.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino Quotes

“A damaged girl will begin to damage you.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“A shy girl will give you memories that last a lifetime. A party girl will give you STDs that last a lifetime.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Arguing with a woman reveals that you don't understand women.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Arguing with her is falling into her frame.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Asking her about her sexual history is asking her to lie.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Be more ruthless. Be more shameless.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Be so confident that you have an aura.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Be the man she can't control.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Beautiful girls don't f*ck cowards.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

“Being humble gets you nowhere with women. Absolutely nowhere.”

The Wisdom of Rivelino

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“Most guys only talk about their business in front of women. These are the same guys who talk shit about their friends around women too.

Losers. B*tchless. P*ssy-Starved.

Stay away from them!”

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