Robert F. Kennedy Quotes

Who is Robert F. Kennedy?

Robert Francis Kennedy, als known as RFK or Bobby Kennedy, was an American senator and brother of JFK.

Born November 20, 1925
Died June 06, 1968

Best Quotes by Robert F. Kennedy

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.”

Robert F. Kennedy

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“This covid crisis is primarily a psychological crisis, a massive breakthrough of fear in society. Fear is caused only to a very limited extent by real problems, but it justifies itself by creating real problems. We are already feeling these problems through the measures: politically, the rise of the dictatorial state; economically, the recession and bankruptcy of numerous companies and the self-employed; on a social level, a permanent impairment of the (physical) bond between people; psychologically even more anxiety and depression; and yes, physically, in the wake of psychological and social stress, a collapse of immunity and physical health.”

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