Robert Monroe Quotes

Best 30 Quotes by Robert Monroe

“Advanced souls know that they cannot change the system and they don't wish to. They are content to enjoy themselves in the Earth Life System and the only influence they exert is to maximize their experience.”

“Consciousness is a thing that inhabits a physical body, driven and controlled by the mind. There is a very valid purpose to why it is that way.”

“Don’t get addicted to being human. This is only temporary.”

“Exercise your Human Mind as full as possible, knowing it is only an exercise.”

“Honesty is the best policy because there can be nothing less.”

“The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations.”

“The only way you can obtain love is through shared life experience, and even then there is no guarantee.

The deeper, more intense the shared experience, the less time it takes.”

Far Journeys Quotes

“For those who would die, there is life. For those who would dream, there is reality. For those who would hope, there is knowledge. For those who would grow, there is eternity.”

Far Journeys

“The depth of learning is in direct relation to the intensity of the experience.”

Far Journeys

Journeys Out of the Body Quotes

“Any acknowledgment of the existence of the Second Body immediately demands the question mankind has pondered since the day he learned to think: Do we live on? Is there life beyond the grave?

Our religions say believe, have faith. This is not quite enough for the syllogistic thinker who seeks valid premises that are clear-cut, leading to an inescapable conclusion.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“Away at college, my older daughter reported that after she and her roommate had looked around the empty dorm room one night, she said, 'Daddy, if you're here, I think you better go now. We want to get undressed for bed'.

Actually, I was two hundred miles away at the time, both physically and otherwise.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“Emotion is the key to and the driving force underlying every thought and action in human existence.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“I believe that anyone can experience existence in a Second Body if the desire is great enough. Whether or not anyone should is beyond the scope of my judgment.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“I looked down at the bed, and there was my wife in bed, and there was someone in bed with her.

I thought in an amused way: Whom would I dream to be in bed with my wife?”

Journeys Out of the Body

“I was certain that these experiences were dreams or hallucinations for a long period in the early stages.

They were seriously considered as something more only when evidential data began to accumulate.”

Journeys Out of the Body

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“Souls are created in a positive matrix of such love and wisdom that when a soul starts to come to a planet like Earth and join the physical beings who have evolved from a primitive state, the violence is a shock.”

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“On a sunny afternoon, you start off. Naturally, you rise high in the air so as to avoid obstacles of trees, buildings, etc. Uncertain, you don't go too high.

You want to be able to recognize landmarks which might be difficult to see from five thousand feet. Therefore, you stay low, about a hundred feet off the ground.

Now, which way to go. You look for points of familiarity. It is at that moment you realize you have a problem. You don't have a compass course to George's house, and it wouldn't do you any good if you did.

You don't have a compass. Undaunted, you decide to cut across the city, using the familiar buildings and streets as guideposts. You have driven the route many times, so you should find your way easily.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“One of the greatest enigmas of this whole affair is that someone — or more than one — has been helping me from time to time in such experimentation. Perhaps they are with me every time, and I am just not aware of them.

I do not know who these helpers are or why they are helping me. They certainly do not seem to be guardian angels, although a more conventionally oriented personality might so interpret them.

They do not always respond when I need help, nor are they always responsive to prayer. Mental anguish and screaming have sometimes brought one of them.

More often, they help me when I do not ask for help — or again, when I am not aware of asking. Their assistance seems to be more of their choosing and deliberation than mine.

They are rarely 'friendly' in the sense that we understand the term. Yet there is a definite sense of understanding, knowledge, and purposefulness in their actions toward me. I feel no intent on their part to bring harm to me and I trust their directions.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“The experiences differ from the typical dream state principally in the following ways:

1) Continuity of some sort of conscious awareness;

2) Intellectual or emotional (or blends of the two) decisions made during the experiences;

3) Multivalued perception via sensory inputs or their equivalents;

4) Non-recurrence of identical patterns; and

5) Development of events in sequence that seem to indicate a time lapse.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“The moment I left the physical, I became aware of three beings in the room. I stayed cautiously close to my physical body as they came nearer.

They started to pull at me, not hard, but deliberately as if to see what I would do. They were having a good time at it. I tried to stay calm, but there were three of them.

I wasn't sure I could get back into the physical quickly enough before they pulled me away. So I prayed. Again, I used every prayer I knew.

I asked God to help me. I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ for help. I tried a few saints I had heard of through my Catholic wife. The result? My tormentors laughed loudly and worked me over more enthusiastically.

"Listen to him pray to his gods," one chuckled, most contemptuously. "Listen to him!"

I think I got a little angry after that. I began to push back, got close to my physical body, and dove in. I wasn't exactly fighting back, but I certainly didn't remain passive.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“The most difficult mental process of all is to consider objectively any concept which, if accepted as fact, will toss into discard a lifetime of training and experience.

Yet much has already been accepted as fact on far less direct evidence than that presented here, and is now 'accepted'.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“The most difficult mental process of all is to consider objectively any concept which, if accepted as fact, will toss into discard a lifetime of training and experience.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“The only possible way for an individual to appreciate the reality of this Second Body and existence within it is to experience it himself.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“The supermind knows unquestionably what is 'right', and problems result only when the conscious mind stubbornly refuses to recognize this superior knowledge.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“Three times I have 'gone' to a place that I cannot find words to describe accurately. Again, it is this vision, this interpretation, the temporary visitation to this 'place' or state of being that brings the message we have heard so often throughout the history of man.

I am sure that this may be part of the ultimate heaven as our religions conceive it It must also be the nirvana, the Samadhi, the supreme experience related to us by the mystics of the ages.”

Journeys Out of the Body

“Throughout man's history, the reports have been consistent. There are demons, spirits, goblins, gremlins, and assorted subhuman entities always hanging around humanity to make life miserable. Are these myths? Hallucinations?”

Journeys Out of the Body

“We had no idea that sounds existed beyond the range of human hearing until we developed instruments to detect, measure, and create them. Until comparatively recently, those who claimed they could hear what others could not were considered insane or persecuted as witches and sorcerers.

We were able to perceive the electromagnetic spectrum only in terms of heat and light until the last century. We are still unaware of the capacity of the human brain, an electrochemical organism, in terms of transmission and reception of electromagnetic radiation.

With this gap unbridged, it is easy to understand why modern science has not begun to consider the ability of the human mind to penetrate an area where no serious theory has been promulgated.”

Journeys Out of the Body

The Ultimate Journey Quotes

“Always know and remember that you are more than your physical body.”

The Ultimate Journey

“Fear is the great barrier to human growth.”

The Ultimate Journey

“There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only change.”

The Ultimate Journey

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“At the end of my life I get to know that professor Ian Stevenson proved reincarnation to be a fact.

I am very delighted that at the end of the second millennium this truth is finally scientifically proven.”

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