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“For children, unless your children have major preexisting conditions the probability of them getting death or severe disease from this is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent. It is tiny, and, frankly, particularly male children, getting damage from the vaccine is much higher than that. It’s still a fraction of a percent, but the ratio is not encouraging.”

“I knew it was a lie from the first moment. I felt the evil.”

“The FDA and the CDC are increasingly beyond the law. They don’t feel the need to comply in any way, even lip service really, with policies, procedures, legal requirements or anything else. They pretty much are comfortable just doing whatever it is that they want to do. I disagree that this is good policy at multiple levels. It’s not good science.”

“The social contract was, ‘Despite what you may have heard about the risks of some of these products and the fact that we admittedly did rush them, we’re protecting your health. If you take these products, you will be safe.’ That’s the social contract. ‘Despite all these other concerns, you will be safe, and you won’t have to retake them. You’ll be protected.’ People believed they had a shield if they bought in and did this.”

“The social contract will be rendered a sundry. It will be destroyed. And then people are going to have to come to terms with the fact that they’ve been misled.”

“The vaccinated are actually the ones that are creating the highest risk for everybody.”

“The vaccines are providing protection from serious illness, so in general, if you get infected with Delta and you’re vaccinated, you’ll have as much virus replication in your body as the unvaccinated person, but you’re not going to feel so sick.

What does that translate to? ‘Oh, I can just go to work,’ right? So if you think it through, the vaccinated are actually the ones that are creating the highest risk for everybody, because they’re still going to be able to be infected, replicate virus at least at the level, if not higher, than the unvaccinated. They’re still shedding the virus all over the place, but they feel good. And so they are, by definition, set up to be superspreaders.”

“The vaccines do not fully protect you from infection, virus replication and shedding. Just because you’ve had the jab doesn’t mean you’re not going to infect anybody else.”

“The way the rules work with drug development is kind of like the French judicial system. You're presumed guilty until proven innocent.

It makes a lot of sense that we start with the assumption that anything new, particularly anything genetically engineered, is not safe. And it's the obligation of the drug development company interacting with the FDA to prove that it is safe. Not the contrary.”

“This is the first time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine has been blamed on those who haven't taken it.”

“What happens to confidence in public health and USG if ivermectin turns out to be safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have significant safety issues? This looks like a very plausible scenario from where I sit.”

“You’ve been given so much of a fear message. Just fear and fear and fear. And, frankly, that’s in the interest of Big Media. This is how they sell their product. You don’t have to be afraid.”

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“How is a third of the population basically being hypnotized and totally wrapped up in whatever Tony Fauci and the mainstream media feeds them. Whatever CNN tells them is true.”

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“One of the more disturbing things about this pandemic is how people have just decided – because they're scared and because they want a solution – that the pharmaceutical companies have their best interests at heart and that they're not these machines that are designed to make money. And they sell drugs and the drugs are often beneficial but their main goal is to make money. And if they can fudge the data, if they can move the numbers around, if they can delete negative consequences...”

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“Pfizer is one of the most criminal pharmaceutical organizations in the world based on their past legal history and fines. What do those fines include? Bribing physicians. Okay, it's a cost benefit analysis in the pharmaceutical industry about misbehaviour. They are not grounded in the ethical principles that you and I as average people believe in. They don't live in that world.”

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“The overlords that own them (Pfizer): BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street etc. These large massive funds that are completely decoupled from nation states, have no moral core – they have no moral purpose. Their only purpose is return on investment. And that is the core problem here. That and the fact that we as a society have become grossly fragmented through social media, electronic appliances, the stress of what we've experienced, and this leads into this whole issue of mass formation psychosis that Mattias Desmet at the university of Ghent has promoted.”

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“It is clear that climate change is a scam.”

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“Vaccination puts you at higher risk. They're asking you to take more risk for your health in order to join their club.”

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“We got a world in which the press is incentivized to push a storyline because they're all controlled by the same large funds that Pfizer is and so is tech. I don't know how we're going to get out of it but it's got to start with us all of us finding common ground.”

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“What Mattias Desmet has shared with us, a brilliant insight, is another one of those – aha now that part makes sense moments – which is that this comes from basically European intellectual inquiry into what the heck happened in Germany in the 20s and 30s. You know a very intelligent, highly educated population and they went barking mad. And how did that happen? The answer is mass formation psychosis.”

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“When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don't make sense, we can't understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere. And one of the aspects of that phenomenon is the people that they identify as their leaders, the ones typically that come in and say you have this pain and I can solve it for you I and I alone can fix this problem for you, then they will lead and they will follow that person through Hell. It doesn't matter whether they lie to them or whatever. The data are irrelevant and furthermore anybody who questions that narrative is to be immediately attacked. They are the other. This is central to mass formation psychosis and this is what has happened. We had all those conditions.”

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“You know if you are are having a martial art competition with a person of a certain ethnic background or physical characteristics or whatever and they have certain strategies that they use, the next time you encounter somebody that looks like that and seems to move like that, you're going to say oh they're going to use the same kind of strategies.

Your immune system acts the same way with viruses. And it could be that they've they've got a whole different toolkit and you're busy fighting this war and they come in and boom you're dead. Right, same kind of thing. Okay so we've got a new pathogen but it's got a series of overlaps with the old ones that we've seen before and our immune system is biased to respond as if it's the old one.”

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“You remember back before 2019 everybody was complaining the world doesn't make sense blah blah blah and we're all isolated from each other, we're all on our little tools, we're not connected socially anymore except through social media and then this thing happened and everybody focused on it. That is how mass formation psychosis happens and that is what's happened here.”

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“I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines.”

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“I can say that the risk-benefit ratio for those 18 and below doesn't justify vaccines and there's a pretty good chance that it doesn't justify vaccination in these very young adults.”

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“My concern is that I know that there are risks. But we don't have access to the data and the data haven't been captured rigorously enough so that we can accurately assess those risks. And therefore we don't really have the information that we need to make a reasonable decision.”

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“We have come to the conclusion that there has been manipulation of this virus.

A part, I do not say the total. there is a model which is the classic virus, coming mainly from bats, but to which HIV sequences have been added.

It is not natural, it is the work of a professional, of a molecular biologist, of a watchmaker of sequences.

What purpose? I don't know. One of my hypotheses is that they wanted to make an AIDS vaccine.”

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