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Who is Robert Waggoner?

Robert Waggoner is an expert on the field of lucid dreaming. Waggoner wrote the book 'Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self'.

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“Like many children I had an intense dream life. Dreams were an amazing theater of the mind featuring both glorious adventures and moments of sheer terror.”

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“You are what you let yourself become.”

Lucid Dreaming

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“In a lucid dream we have the ability to choose and some dreamers do, indeed, choose to escape into an adventure. For example, a lucid dreamer may decide to ignore an angry dream figure and fly away instead, thereby avoiding the issue represented by the figure. More experienced lucid dreamers, however, would stop and engage the dream figure to find out more about the situation.”

The Lucid Dreaming Pack

“Like all dreamers, if we purposely ignore a dream message, it likely returns in another dream or some other form.”

The Lucid Dreaming Pack

“To be in the psychological space of the unconscious requires considerable affirmation of self in spite of numerous cultural conflicts.”

The Lucid Dreaming Pack

“To counter our intense cultural conditioning, we must possess a sense of curious engagement to venture into the unconscious. Even though it's a part of us, it exists as terra incognita or, perhaps more appropriately, psyche incognita—we simply have drawn a sketchy map of the psyche and marked a large segment in frightful red letters, “Mind Unknown.” We will never develop a truer conceptualization of the subconscious and unconscious if we only dance around it or consider it from the safe distance of the waking world.”

The Lucid Dreaming Pack

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